30 Seconds To Mars – Live at Reading Festival 2011

Apollo Pageant Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. 11:55 see the guy telling Jared to go back to the stage.

  2. 9:30 The Kill

  3. I swear I wish America had a festival like this

  4. Don’t we all.

  5. 29:11 cowboys from hell….best song of the show

  6. haha, I quote what he said back at wembley last year/year before: “Mosh safely, break each other’s noses gently!”

  7. ok he makes no sense at all. “i want to see a mosh pit” then he sings a slow song?!

  8. he is damn nice to the fans, i respect that big time.  i’ll shut up now.

  9. ok it’s annoying to hear the singer constantly tell the crowd what to do the whole time. scream, jump, put your hands up.

  10. i guess u need to climax pretty badly

  11. why do they use the history channel illuminati logo? just kidding, i think i know what jared is doing. unless he did actually sell out.

  12. google—- molecular scanner

    “Laser-based molecular scanners will enable TSA officials to identify explosives, dangerous chemicals and bioweapons on its passengers,” security expert and attorney Mychal Wilson told FoxNews.com. “They can also detect drugs, alcohol, and your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even your adrenaline level will be available for government analysis. Everything about your body will be available to the government and logged into a database.”

    stand up or be enslaved

  13. at the end there the drummer looks like a woman whos just come out of the gym

  14. 13:39 boobs.


  16. RockyBourgoyne

    Voice crack at 11:45 was prob. because someone grabbed his balls :O

  17. all the interruptions ruins this whole concert. there isn’t one complete song in there.. and he stays silent for like half the show.. annoying.

  18. this is the best live concert i have never seen

  19. 11:45 Best voice crack i heard in my life! haha

  20. It’s actually amazing, it’s like one enormous book club.

  21. ”Escape” my ass that was A Beautiful Lie. And why the fuck do they have to bleap out fuck all the time, there are waaay more disturbing things being said than fuck on tv.

  22. FilomenaCastroAlves


  23. 10:57 – “We are waiting for Jareds cue”. Listen with headphones. Thumbs up if you can hear it.

  24. mother of make-up maybe

  25. I8Capricorn8I

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