A selection of artists playing at V Festival 2011

Apollo Festival Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. what’s the chase & status song?

  2. wow, tinie doing the small stage, this year his on the big one! gooo tinie

  3. Erm so you commented on something i wrote almost a year ago! okay. I looked back at my comment and have realised one thing. I stated that IN MY OPINION it was weak. Meaning i did not like the style of music there.It has moved to a more pop festival vibe for chavs and families, which is fine – but it is purely for money.I rememer it having proper bands and it had turned its back on that. And the fact that you argue a point by claiming he has the most facebook fans says it all.chav


  5. Yeah sure, Eminem is the weakest, yet somehow he is one of the most successful artists of all time. Nice one. Oh yeah, he also has the most fans of any musician on Facebook.

  6. Eminem was fucking sick at V last year. 

  7. Plan B – PURE BADASS

  8. ahhh take me back to V fest !!

  9. ahhh take me back to V fest !!

  10. All the guys who’s saying it’s a chav festival are bitter cause there mums won’t let them go

  11. Draxindustries1

    Chav festival full of pissed/drugged up low lifes…


  13. TraffordReds9

    Would LOVE to have been there this year. Great line up. Next year is Olympic year so we might get an even better line up. I just hope we get good weather.

  14. i agree mate ! latitude and glasto all the way !!

  15. v is

  16. footieponymad

    Glastonbury isn’t on next year and I couldn’t tell you about other festivals but I can tell you that V fest is DEFO on next, the fact you can buy early bird tickets for 2012 V tomorrow proves my point.

  17. no festivals are on next year because of olympics

  18. Take me back!!

  19. V fest is on next year!!

  20. mattywilson1993

    pendulum were amazing at weston park!

  21. MisterMaxSamuel

    Take a look at my video of me backstage with Dizzee as he performs

  22. Bobbythehammer


  23. I dont go I like real festivals not chaved up money spinning events …..Music alone does not make a festival……….try many of the great festivals that britain has to offer maybe next year and open your mind …then u may realise that V is quite low down on the festival calender……..

  24. V FEST IS A CHAV FEST full of people who havnt a clue what a real festival is about………….. music line up alone does not make a good festival.