Amy Winehouse (Full) Live At Glastonbury Festival 2008

Apollo Pageant Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hidepuller2008

    Rehab for quitters.

  2. hidepuller2008

    Anyway, shes probably snorting clouds in heaven, R.I.P.

  3. hidepuller2008

    She couldnt walk straight in bare feet, why the hell add to the problem by wearing high heels?

  4. Don’t Like ;@

  5. in the biz quite a while my best gigs I don’t remember sooooo fkn high

  6. But THATS Rock n Roll!!??!! shit

  7. she is!! Scumbody was grabbing her or trying to steal a souvenir!!

  8. She is largely in control as can be seen towards the end a few times with the eyes and the direction!!

  9. Probably already there!!

  10. youre wondering now

  11. Victoryisoursindeed

    a little macy grey…

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  13. MrAlessandrodalbon

    what’s the song at 36.00?

  14. MrAlessandrodalbon

    come faccio a trovare il nome della canzone a 36.00 min?

  15. one of her best concerts!!!

  16. I love your umbrellas, hun 😉

  17. Am I the only one that think she died by a bad love?

  18. what is she punching at 55:22 ? anyway i love her and I miss her 🙁

  19. you can go to hell

  20. Amy <3

  21. Lindas palabras

  22. u know your talented when your drunk drugged but still sing great this is a pure talent

  23. get fucking real, I believe every word Amy sings. Rihanna is awful.

  24. fuck off you ignorant cunt

  25. one love