Arcade Fire – Haiti | Reading Festival 2010 | Part 5 of 16

Apollo Pageant Video Score: four / five

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  1. 4:44 Regine stop being so cute

  2. they need to come to the bunbury music festival.

  3. So so good.

  4. this whole show should be released on dvd

  5. Please come to Brasil, we love you!

  6. brendan broderick

    wonderful live band

  7. Arcade Fire will be the first band to perform on the Moon. MARK MY WORDS.

  8. TheGeekyPanicFan

    words cannot explain the emotions I feel when listening to this band. <3

  9. what does that mean?????


  11. Haiti should adopt this as their national anthem

  12. Regine is oh so lovable…please come down and play in Australia !!!!!!

  13. Is it just me or does Will playing an acoustic guitar look really weird. It’s like it doesn’t suit him.

  14. I am reminded of Janice Joplin, where her performances were greater than her voice, not that Regina can’t sing but that the heart and soul poured into each performance is seem greater than the source. We see and hear a fearless, messages’ passion. When you pour yourself into the meanings of words, the melody sings itself , no matter from whom. Her voice works for her music , like Stevie Nicks gitar voice, works for her music, Regina’s works for this cathartic avalanche of creativity.

  15. Soon we will reclaim the earth

  16. There’s one in every crowd isn’t there? What a sad life it must be though. They probably want death to come quickly.

  17. greatest band alive.

  18. QUe hermosa cansion simple pero ala ves tan magica simplemente espectacular–…

  19. what about him ?

  20. The one who didnt like this is either dead inside or has spasms and clicked by mistake

  21. göttinnenhaft!

  22. for the one dislike i might just kill you….

  23. ; I’ve listened to their music since I was 9 and I have my sister to thank for that. I’m now 15 and my sister no longer cares about this band but I can’t go without it. They’re one of my favourite bands and always will be.

  24. The mix for this is great. Each instrument gets to shine at the right time. Awesome job whoever their sound guy is.