Arcade Fire – Reading Festival 2010 | full set, 720p

Apollo Festival Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. RealCoolUsername

    This is what proper entertainment is.

  2. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

  3. WIN BUTLER <3

  4. This is the greatest thing I have seen since that guy talking to himself as a12 years old …

  5. We are ugly but we have the music. -L Cohen

  6. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: put this performance on the curriculum in schools. This is what music can be and what it can do to people!

  7. I love how happy the drummer is during the all gig. And that girl crying during wake up really shows how powerful their live performance is

  8. Only a deaf person can dislike this

  9. That trio works for me too. Part of what makes them such an incredible band is how they manage to draw inspiration from the old greats and turn it into their own unique sound.

  10. Thx man 😛 2 am then

  11. am: 00.00-11.59
    pm 12.00-23.59

  12. No I’m not in the same timezone as you 😛 around 2 a.m or p.m, don’t know how to use these time measurements.

  13. spaceydecember

    and lyrics!

  14. LOL. Big mistake indeed. What time did you go to sleep at? 7am?

  15. I have done this so many times!

  16. Putting this on right before going to bed was my biggest mistake today

  17. It is a total orgy of music. There are so many bands I could compare them to. They are simply legends. But since this is a menage a trois, I would have to say The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Talking Heads.

  18. amazing guitar. thanks!

  19. Tim has a Mosrite Maphis bass in his hands. Badass!

  20. great vid! what kind of bass guitar he’s playing on the beginning?

  21. Jokerblitzatya

    Awesome set

  22. One of the only few meaningful bands out there these days, pure heart n soul!!

  23. is it even possible to be that good ???

  24. what a great band,they are number 2 on my list.

  25. Best live act ive ever been at! The energy they have is amazing and they never wilt, i Cant wait for them to come back again!!