Arctic Monkeys Reading Festival 2009 full gig

Apollo Pageant Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. gauravdiwan891

    they should play as much HUMBUG in all of their other concerts…

  2. love how he asks have we got time for one more after two songs xD

  3. 00:40 my propeller
    04:02 red right hand
    08:35 crying lightning
    12:14 brianstorm
    16:16 still take you home
    19:37 i bet you look good on the dancefloor
    23:18 potion approaching
    27:09 pretty visitors
    31:05 this house is a circus
    35:43 if you were there beware
    41:31 when the sun goes down
    45:36 dangerous animals
    49:44 the view from the afternoon
    54:29 cornerstone
    58:28 only ones who know
    1:01:50 do me a favour
    1:05:52 fuorescent adolescent
    1:11:07 secret door
    1:15:42 505

  4. Hum- FUCKING-Bug is their best album and if you think differently, you are dead wrong.

  5. So you’ve got Jamie in a black T-shirt, Alex in a black leather motorcycle jacket, Matt in track pants and a comic t-shirt, and Nick in a trench coat. And they can come together and make excellent music.

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  7. Alex Turner has got talent where his soul should be

  8. ahahah oh man that makes me happy! its a good gig! thanks for watching!

  9. voltavertigo666

    never fails i always come on here for one song!! and always end up watching the whole thing!!! YES!!!

  10. Only You Know by Dion

  11. So awesome!!! What’s that song in the middle of Fluorsecent Adolescent ?


  13. matt loses all control of his mouth when he drums.

  14. pretty sure Alex Turner was in the pixar movie brave

  15. XxTheRealBigfootxX

    God they sound amazing live

  16. thomkilledhitler

    ive just realised but i think they r the best band in sheffield!!!!!!! they shud be PROUD!

  17. badass gig! fuckin’ love humbug


  19. Millionsofidiots

    I bet “Play Hard” girl, has huge tits.

  20. We’re gonna leave you now… LOL JK HERE’S OUR MOST POPULAR SONG!

  21. HELDERS!

  22. joannahelenaa

    I just kissed my screen

  23. poo!

  24. MsZitronenlimone

    oh god i love his hairstyle *-*