Axl Rose Leeds Festival 2010 “To the cops and the promoters, FUCK YOU!

Apollo Pageant Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. i hope this asshole dies by firey crash and tastes his own blood before he dies.

  2. Yeah a ginger.

  3. Legend, awesome set too.

  4. U MAD?

  5. what a wanker

  6. Losemyillusions

    And you still have to watch videos featuring Axl. And you still have so much precious time to write about him (get a life!). Haters suck, always have, always will. Fuck you.

  7. dying breed? Dont worry, there are a lot more losers left!

  8. he should have brought duff out and sang “I DONT CARE ABOUT YOU – FUCK YOU !) – in reference to the spaghetti incident song 🙂

  9. StruckMatch2010

    Awesome! He’s the last of a dying breed.