BBC Introducing: Ifan Dafydd at Reading Festival 2012

Apollo Festival Movie Score: four / 5

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  1. by same time i mean like an hour before, but i wanted to get near the front which i did, was about 20 rows from the front, considering there were about 110,000 people watching them!

  2. Don’t be sad.. Kick yourself in the ass for actually admitting you went to see the Foo Fighters instead of this..

  3. cant belive he was on at the same time as foo’s 🙁

  4. you’re right, cheers. would have loved this version though, find it far better than the original

  5. santiagoangel10

    What’s the song after No Good?

  6. What did you do?
    I cheated myselffff.

  7. BenevolentFiend


  8. ah sweet, looking forward to it. thanks for letting me know!

  9. dow…da iawn fy ngwashi. Da iawn ‘chan.

  10. new track he’s recorded with Alys Williams will come out on a welsh vinyl called Recordiau Lliwgar. There will be 2 of Ifan’s tracks on it.

  11. Star slinger refix

  12. whats the one at the end?

  13. you lucky sons of bitches. anyone got track lisitng?

  14. god damn

  15. They were roommates apparently, though.

  16. Was there He killed IT!

  17. If it isn’t the first few piano notes, the first song is Canblaster – Triple Ring but with a drum loop over it.

  18. The first first first song for a few seconds is Bondax – You’re So

  19. G’wan Ifan!

    Push & Run tings

  20. their music sounds so similar because they were course mates and flat mates

  21. Fantastic!! Such a great vibe. Would have loved to have been there.

  22. name of the 1st song?

  23. finally proof that ifan is infact not james blake