Beck live @ V Festival 2006 Part 1

Apollo Festival Online video Rating: four / 5

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  1. woops wrong beck still good

  2. some comments are misguided. my reply is Beck is a gifted musician that, when not performing solo (he’s an accomplished soloist, as well), selects his band-mates and support carefully. He has performed/recorded with some of the best musicians around for years now.

  3. The whole band was ‘locked in’ this night-really ‘feelin it’. Along with a super-receptive audience being the catalyst for such a Great,Great performance! With a great recording catching it all!!

  4. BenClementine

    I feel like the guy with the tambourine is there to make up for Beck’s lack of energy live. I’m a massive Beck fan but his live performances back in the nineties were better. I met him at a train station in Nagoya, Japan on this tour and he was down to earth, genuine and a really nice guy. He asked what I thought of the puppets and he said he just wanted to try something different.

  5. Gingerkidzftw

    beck is one wierd dude… it would suck if he waz normal.

  6. Beck is the man but i do not like the rest of the band. they bass player is sick but theyre all weird and the guy in the tie just pisses me off big-time.

  7. I wish he would play loser in full.

  8. WOW THIS IS WEAK! 10 guys on stage doing nothing but striking poses and jumping around.Stupid.

  9. 1:54 shit tons of that

  10. Beck !!
    Miracle !!
    Amazing !!
    Genius !❤

  11. best ^^


  12. What does that guy in the black tie even do…XD

  13. the puppet looks like owen wilson

  14. this is the best live formation! great musicians!

  15. Thats brilliant with the puppets

  16. @caseydead he couldn’t afford to keep them on payroll…seriously i shit you not that’s exactly what happened.

  17. visionfirst1970

    some park show promo with obviously VIRGIn backed money,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lame!

    Love ya tho Beck,,, sorry to see you wrapped in the $burrito$

  18. BECK!

  19. YeungyBassMasta

    crowd are shit…

  20. LOL LOL LOL LOL amazing

  21. the whole recording sounds a bit muddy, not sure if came from the soundboard, of if the camera crew made their own, but either way I hope it sounded a little better in person. Also, Beck’s voice in a live setting leaves a lot to be desired.

  22. Marionettes suck.Beck I like….Couldn’t you have WARNED us? “MAY CONTAIN CRAPPY PUPPETS”

  23. @caseydead yeah man i feel the same way… all of them rock! the best era of beck

  24. They needed to mix Beck’s mic to be like twice as loud.
    What the fuck. Isn’t this like a big music festival? It should go without saying that they need to get the technical shit right.

  25. this band is awesome!