Beyonce – Single Ladies (LIVE) – V Festival – Hylands Park 2013

Apollo Pageant Movie Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Her hair is like porn right here

  2. It looks like she was having so much fun. It must feel indescribable to
    have a job that you love.

  3. This new hairstyle making Beyonce go harder than before!!!

  4. She fighting with her hair during this whole performance lmao

  5. You betta work that hair B LOL I love this woman…

  6. This was a Hot Performance, Beyonce is a ICON!!!!! How could u not love

  7. Wow this chick just proved she can wear anything and still look BEAUTIFUL.
    God she is Gorgeous.. I don’t think she cut her real her i believe she cut
    one of those wigs that she wears.

  8. Thanks for this! Her new hair looks so good on her, looks so fresh its so
    refreshing and suits her. Looks 8 years younger

  9. andre immanuelll

    Where is that new look bey

  10. Not even 8, 15 years younger. That’s how Stunning she looks with that hair.

  11. Wow Bey I love the Bob it’s cute

  12. YES B! YES what camera did you use?

  13. Nice! Like it man.

  14. she should use this look for more time!!!

  15. LEGENDARY!!!!

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  17. great-King Noah