Bloc Party – Flux LIVE @ Reading Festival 2009

Apollo Festival Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. disbandedgnome2

    Esta cancion esta demasiado chingona y mas en vivo!!!

  2. For a better world, please just stop listening to Bloc Party. Thanks in advance.

  3. k5warmachine1

    oh my 2:45 

  4. Bloc Party and this song should not be commented negatively! Share peace brothers and see you guys in the crowd! I love you people!

    Flux all the way!

  5. What the fuck is this? Talking more than singing —

  6. nikkinakkinoodles

    I was there – absolutely EPIC performance! LOVE LOVE LOVE BLOC PARTY!!!! (and if you could come back to Reading this year that would be wicked) 🙂

  7. Going to see them at the HARD summer festival this August! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. blackmamba900

    luv this song amazingly catchy and well written chorus

  9. wow, he’s more muscular than i realized. sexay!

  10. karolschematics

    mesmerizing laser show *__*

  11. Bloc Party in Lollapalooza this year, finally I get to see them!!

  12. this is beeter than the album version


  14. They are back.:))

  15. I feel for people with epilepsy who were not able to enjoy this performance quite as much as I did.

    Cannot wait for their return!!!!!!!!!

  16. THEY REUNITED!!!!!!!!!!:D

  17. F U C K Y E A H

  18. Has anyone else heard rumors they are headlining reading 2012? That would be fucking brilliant, I would quite happily pay over £150 just to see Bloc Party! Ive seen them seven times and they just keep getting better!!! 😀

  19. he sounds like he’s dying. hahaha

  20. Kele Okereke is the coolest guy on earth!

  21. Sometimes i wished i lived in the UK for festivals like these. Seriously, Bloc Party followed up by Radiohead? Cant ask for a much better line up.

  22. Love this song. Hope Bloc Party stop fooling NME around soon and start whacking out some new songs. Ive resorted to stalking Matts facebook page… official quote on the album from Matt… ‘The album is going to be called “Matthew” and the sleeve art has already been decided: it’s a picture of me doing wheelies on a scooter with flames coming out of the exhaust whilst the other members stand in the background and understandably bow to my superior prowess.’ CANT FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!

  23. Thumbs Up If You Still Blast This Like It Just Came Out Yesterday <3

    Bloc Party All Day Err' Day ^_______^ <3