Changing of the Guard at Leeds Festival

Booker of the renowned Leeds and Reading festival, Neil Pengelly is ready to hand over all his responsibilities at the Festival Republic. He has been working for the last 2o years. It is heard that Pengelly has booked some 2500 bands from his starting of career as a promoter in London in the year 1990.

Not only he has booked the comedy and second stage at the Reading festival, he has also taken over all the musical stages at the festival that was held in the year 1994 along with Leeds. He has spent 19 years at the artistic wheel of the festival which became highly popular that time.

Boss of Festival Republic, Mr. Melvin Benn said about Pengelly that he is a legendary man and it will be a tough act to follow. Benn said that he will be missed by all of us and undoubtedly the rest of the team will be an understatement. But definitely the man will be there to stay in an advisory role and the new member will soon join in behalf of Pengelly.

Both the Leeds and Reading festival are governed by the Festival Public and earlier these festivals used to known as Carling Weekend. The Leeds event or festival is held in Wetherby. For the visitors, campsites are made available and day tickets were also sold. The capacity of this festival has now increased to 80,000 and is expected to increase more in the future. The festival tickets are available the day before the festival starts.

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