Daphne And Celeste Getting Bottled At Reading 2000

Apollo Competition Online video Score: four / five

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  1. proud to be british

  2. Omg what did I just hear !! Oh god their singing did a goat just die !!!!

  3. You can hear Blink 182 playing when they’re being interviewed.

  4. WeGotCandyPandas

    “You guys are wasting so much food!” That’s probably exactly what I would’ve said.

  5. To everyone calling them horrible, etc:
    They were obvious trolls. Their music, lyrics, singing style.. everything about them is meant to be horrible and cause hatred. That’s why they’re amazing. They’re hilarious.

  6. wow.. what a bunch of fuckn’ animals… actually even animals wouldn’t behave this way.

  7. Hold up y the fuck all y’all bitchess nd nigga’s givin these girl’s some fuckin problems cuz if it was y’all up there I would fuckin throw shit at y’all to! YAll Jst fuckin hatin I cant. Blame them all the fuckin hater’s r U.G.L.Y! Nd if I met some of u I would throw shit in your face nd I’m not the to mess with fuckin HATER’s go fuck your self’s

  8. ChrisHardmanIsHot1

    Can hear Blink in the background when they’re being interviewed XD

  9. Whenever I feel depressed I come to this video and it always cheers me up 🙂

  10. Who are these girls…?

  11. GirlWithBlondeHair


  12. raithrover1976

    Ha ha! Quality. Got to give them credit for carrying on. Axl Rose would have stormed off in a huff after 2 seconds.

  13. ChubbyChecker182

    Thank Piss throwers at Stone Roses Heaton Park gigs, your actions led me here via the Guardian website… Everything happens for a reason… This is hilarious, got to admire the girls for carrying on

  14. Mattelliott1234

    even if that is correct

    why give them a stage on a prestigeious rock festival where this kind of shit will happen, music should be about a fucking riduclous gimmick and shite music, it should be about passion first and formost and talent, everything else is basically and extra.

    P.S I love videos of shit artists getting bottled hahah

  15. Why would you show up to a rock festival if you are hated? like they made a song saying, you ugly, says dafnee…

  16. shoo yank, shoo!

  17. Lol my older brother was there and he chucked a bottle wit his piss at them. Stupid brats with no talent deserve it. Why would you put pop crap on stage at a rock festival?

  18. daphne looks really stupid at :13

  19. kaylabaylalol

    hey i thought they did pretty well considering people were chucking stuff at them i actually like some of there songs but i have to admit it was sooooo super funny

  20. dancenqueen1000

    i lmfao’d all the way thru this XD

  21. HOW AWKWARD. Why would you put two silly little girls on stage to sing pop crap at a rock festival?

  22. xKrazzehKiwix

    Okay so Justin Beiber wasn’t the first to be bottled on stage….Interesting o.0

  23. omg i though people love them wat happen

  24. Lol,The people are throwing stuffs at them XD

  25. Popular then!