Deftones at Leeds Festival 2009

Apollo Pageant Video Ranking: four / five

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  1. but you know, you know what I mean, you know?

  2. thank u! im tired of ppl, mainl guys, suprising, and sometimes irls, giving chino’s performence shit, because he was over weight, form one kid whose kinda big, i stick up for chino, when ppl talk shit about his looks, more then i do myself, but anyways, ur the first real fan iv seen on here

  3. People still watch MTV?

  4. Even when he was “fat”… I still would have been all over that!
    Chino is just oozing sex appeal, especially with his voice.

  5. guitarkid12344321

    I just saw them here in Atlanta today. They brought the house down lol

  6. chino talks alot ……….

  7. I find it cute how he basically says “You know”, after every sentence.

  8. You know? You know what I’m saying? You know? You know? You know what I’m saying? You know what I mean?

  9. thier concert on valentine’s 2011 in malaysia was awesome!! plz plz come back again

  10. Deftones is probably one of the best bands in the world. Great lyrics, awesome music, great performance and so on! This is as real as it gets.

  11. mtv should be about these fuckin bands sickins me sumtimes

  12. he is smocking

  13. ass holes!

  14. winterrowdcrafunda6

    NME is the enemy.

  15. reciprocal idiocy is what we do in the internet…

  16. Chino is my hero..

  17. exactly!!

  18. holly shit he has lost alot of weight sense then 0.0

  19. you know, you know what i mean?

  20. If you like Deftones check A CULT LIKE VULTURE YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

  21. JonasBridgous

    I wish Deftones asked me to fill in for chi.

  22. Darlin people can balance both.

  23. good lord, get over it. see what happens when you near 40. You rather he spend his time with a trainer or making music? You need to put down the hollywood, my son.

  24. omg my hero gained weight

  25. I was at the front for these at Leeds, and some girls behind me were all massive FOB fans waiting for them to come on. As soon as Deftones finished their amazing performance they went “who was that?” so one replied “Deftones or something” and another one said “more like shittones” and they all laughed.
    How I raged inside…