ENTER SHIKARI – Reading Festival. August 2011

Apollo Festival Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. The audio wasnt really loud enough in such an open space to do ES justice to be fair. The fidelity also lacked on the speaker system a little further out which is something Enter Shikari needs.

  2. leeds crowd was better

  3. fucking yessss reading is just over a month away! so excited :}

  4. freshlineproductions

    hahaha true, they’re all fucking nutters. best band on the planet, especially live. Bring on ES 2012 Reading Festival!

  5. Wish I could stay there 🙂

  6. lol forget you, did you see rory fucking throw that mic stand?! 😀 

  7. SICK

  8. Can’t actually wait haha

  9. Buzzing!

  10. laurengunning95

    These were the best band i have ever seen live :D

  11. bangin

  12. READING 2012 baby <3

  13. freshlineproductions

    I would love to be the cameraman, but i would want a shield when I’m filming Rou!


  15. Try going to Download Festival rather than Reading…

  16. Rou is so fucking sick 😛 love it when he goes for a little climb LOL

  17. 14.50 THOR!

  18. yeah sure you would :L

  19. considering that was only one of many pits there was and that this crowd was moshing after 3/4 days of no sleep and hangovers and moshing then I’d say mexico ain’t got shit on us BRING IT!!!

  20. 3:54 best part of the video

  21. 03:21 That’s the proof that mexicans are the best crowd ever… We would make a best mosh pit than that pussies pit c:


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