Frank Turner performs ‘Photosynthesis’ at Reading Festival 2011 – BBC

Apollo Pageant Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. Oh God take me back.

  2. The 3 people not liking this video are just people jealous they weren’t there.

  3. TheEwanForbes

    This man is fucking incredible.
    Been a fan since the days of Campfire Punkrock

  4. aw missed the part where he got the crowd to sit down, was so awesome, miss it!!

  5. are you reading ? I love it

  6. I know, it was the best weekend ever.Watching this Frank Turner video literally makes me cry! Definitely going next year 🙂

  7. 3:16 - Frank Furter.

  8. TheOzkatrozNetwork

    It was my favourite weekend of 2011(: Going to Reading 2012 NO MATTER WHAT. 

  9. AllTheSmallThingsx


  10. i miss reading insanely 🙁

  11. my bro loves frank tuner he got on cam 2:12 in to

  12. halfyellowman

    She was camped next to me :L

  13. Reading was better than Leeds!

  14. YesWeKnowWhoYouAre

    They missed it out where he got everyone to sit down ):
    I ended up as a heap on the floor for that bit though, cause the guy in front of me was leaning all his weight on me, so when he jumped up, I just fell over >.< Great set though Frank (:

  15. I regret missing this SOO much.

  16. invinciblegeo

    I was in the front row when he was singing. It was fucking amazing, when I listen to this song now I cry.

  17. what a happy moment in time….for nearly 4 mins I am happy watching this. that is all.

  18. It’s the smile that does it for me, amazing Music and you can just tell he loves doing what he does. Truly amazing

  19. damn i miss that place

  20. Marcusbentedwinston

    Lovvveee it! Only found out about Frank when I see him at reading 11 and already I’m in love! 😀

  21. skullandtrombone

    2 people have no taste

  22. He belongs on the lockup, not main stage.

  23. dancampbell16

    I draged my cousin to this. she had never heard of him before!?! by the end of the set she was singing along and bought his album straight after the weekend! this guy is a legend! cant not love him!

  24. i love this guy so fucking much.

  25. ‘Don’t know the words so I’ll just lift my top up instead’ 1:05