Franz Ferdinand Live At Glastonbury Festival (Full Concert)

Apollo Pageant Movie Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. u.u el video no va junto con el audio

  2. TheTrollolololo

    01.- The Dark Of The Matinée 02.- No You Girls 03.- Do You Want To 04.- Turn It On 05.- Michael 06.- Walk Away 07.- Bite Hard 08.- Take Me Out 09.- What She Came For 10.- The Fallen 12.- Outsiders Encore:
    13.- Jacqueline 14.- Ulysses 15.- Lucid Dreams

  3. nonabbiamoisoldi

    Stonate come poche

  4. BandFromRotherham

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  5. parklife3psuit

    worked like a charm for me

  6. play 2 videos at the same time and just turn of the sound on one of them and sync em

  7. geragerageraable

    charro pants 

  8. aleksandarWH7

    its not politically correct and insults gay population lmao

  9. Why don’t people show tits at concerts anymore?

  10. AWESOME!!!!…..thanks for this video!!! XD you’re going to heaven because of that first I couldn’t believe that it was the full’s sad that the video doesn’t match the audio, but I’m still glad to see it.. does someone know if there is any way to fix it???

  11. LinkMasterRated

    i noticed the video and audio werent together by a couple of seconds but still…its awesome live!!! i love hearing it live! 😀 also, they have soo much strobing!


  13. killingmask0012

    Since do you want to, it deserves the “ilike”

  14. Phoda…!!!

  15. victorfigueroalopez

    que buen conciertazazazooo aaauuuhhh!!!!!!!!!!!—-

  16. i don’t have that kind of bandwidth!

  17. alex’s tennis

  18. PattleProductions

    No, It is The Dark of The Matinee

  19. FrenchDonovan

    @mikymyers You forget Travis mate 😉

  20. seeeeeeeeeeee

  21. me =$

  22. Who’s that jackass with the whistle?

  23. fatcatsarefun

    Man this brings back good memories!