Glassjaw at Reading Festival 2011

Apollo Competition Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. blindside0304

    i love that they like Deftones so much that is fucking sick my fav band likes my other fav band!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hahah is “Enter Shikari an Indian Restaurant?”

  3. spiderjerusalem100

    No disrespect to the dead guy but Drowning Pool do fucking suck.

  4. racial tit

  5. SadisticAzagthoth

    daryl looks and sounds like johnny knoxville haha GLASSJAWS SICK!!!

  6. 3:23 WTF is this noise ????

  7. brianedwardliddy

    so new york

  8. sunrisehallucination

    took my lashings while i HELD MY BREATH

  9. those jew dogs love Pepsi. haha LOVE G JONES

  10. 1:43 Somebody who understands how terrible drowning pool is…

  11. These guys owe a lot to Deftones for sure, I didnt hear about Glassjaw until they opened for Deftones 12 years ago. Glassjaw quickly replaced Deftones as my favorite band.

  12. vomitoriumbassist

    hahha damnit i love these guys emmanuel carrero? or however you spell his fucking name.. play some live siberian kiss, pretty lush, lovebites, piano.. oh god im going to die just thinking about it.. someone get me some oxygen please! god damnit!!! oh yeah and enter shikari is an indian restaurant!! haha!!

  13. Daryl name dropped Napalm Death. Fuck yes. And Deftones.

  14. Aw man, Daryl is so adorable!!!

  15. Glassjaw.

  16. PrODuCTioN9793

    LOL watch daryl @ 3:55-3:59

  17. racial tit

  18. MatthewSSherman

    Seriously, Long Island represent.

  19. “God, all good bands there, madonna…”.

  20. Crohn’s disease is a bitch.

  21. “Nohohoha! Sorry let me rewrite that… We woke up!”

  22. Racial Tit hahahah

  23. igor95yrsoldd00d

    “Theirs tits with racist shit every day at Ozzfest – Toothless rednecks only.” 3:32

  24. SenatorSpiffy

    These guys are so fucking Long Island, it hurts. <3

  25. Thank you very much. 🙂