glassjaw perform ‘Gold’ at Reading Festival 2011 – BBC

Apollo Festival Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. Awesome, but i still thinking that they need the second guitar

  2. Have you ever heard anything else by them at all? Your a stupid fucking cunt mate. Listen to Ry Ry’s song for a start then come back you wank.

  3. InLocoParentis96

    Totally agree

  4. Dope is exactly right!!! -3

  5. hahahaa yeah man fuck Glassjaw, DISTURBED FUCKING R000000L! Seriously?

  6. This is fucking crap, absolute fucking shit band

  7. indeed!

  8. please BBC, upload the whole show!

  9. RandomSketchesFearMe

    can’t hear guitar much :/

  10. this is great, cant really hear the band but this is a great video!!

  11. fresitaconchocolate

    me encanta glassjaw pero esto no me gusta!

  12. I guess alot of the people dont know how rare of a treat it is to see Daryl on stage, i waited 4 shows 3 GJ, and a Head Automatica (had tickets for all 4) but the 1st 3 got cancelled due to Daryls Illness.

  13. oh my god. it’s 2012 and it isn’t completely common knowledge what an opinion is? music is MADE to be unique. All the goddamn riffs that are easy to make and everyone ever would unanimously love are pretty much already used. So inevitably music gets a little ‘weirder’ if you will, as it goes on. You have to push boundries to expand and make anything new. I don’t mind wading through the crap to find real gold.

  14. spiderjerusalem100

    I know music taste is subjective but your original post on this video completely contradicts what you just said.
    The last time i was at Download i saw hundreds of people wearing Avenged Sevenfold shirts and they’re one of the most mind numbingly terrible bands on the planet so i guess there’s no accounting for taste.

  15. I have just spent the weekend at the Download festival. All my friends who went with me and everyone else there were wearing band t-shirts of the bands I mentioned in my previous post. At the end of the day, music is all opinion and purely subjective and you commenting on here about a band I like, saying how “terrible” you think they are, so what? What do you want me to say in response to that? I’m not going to get into an argument with you because that’s just stupid over something so subjective

  16. Music is for everyone. When it’s aimed at a younger group of people, it’s being “marketed” to you, depending on your desperation to “belong” to a group. The quality of the music is secondary. In fact, it helps if it sounds unpleasant, because more people will argue about it on the internet, as is the case here. So, when you say “fresher”, I read “more gullible”. If Barudi or anyone else would like me to recommend some stuff to listen to without prejudice, message me.

  17. Sorry dude, you’re just not meant to understand this kind of music. Stick to the classic rock – still great music as well – and leave this to fresher music fans.

  18. spiderjerusalem100

    That’s probably the first time i’ve ever seen someone describe Disturbed as “decent”, they’re terrible and their singer is a big headed tool.

  19. DOPE

  20. Crowd seems sort of passive. It’s fucking Glassjaw! I would have been singing, screaming, crying and vomiting, probably.

  21. KurenaiDISCHORD

    Not sure if troll … Or if this guy’s really that lame …

  22. awww bless. you think you’re impressing people with those really, really shitty bands. STTTTT ANGGGEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

  23. Can’t believe I spent 2 and a half minutes watching this. At that point I realised I wasn’t going to make it through to the end. I have since recovered my cool with the help of Metallica, Type-O Negative, Disturbed, and Rob Zombie, i.e. some really fucking decent heavy rock music.

  24. Gj = fucking amazing unlinke any generic sound being regurgitated by the mainstream media. 10/10

  25. theobjectpetita

    sounds terrbile.. poor attempt to sound like deftones’ white pony but chino can sing… glassjaw should have stuck to what they were doing 10 years ago. stunned that 126 people like this..