Guns N’ Roses – Leeds Festival August 2010

Apollo Pageant Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. I remember that image very well, nearly a year later ha! Very good performance from GNR, topped when I saw them in 06

  2. ittybittybabyforrest

    They were SO hit and miss, some of the set was outstanding some of it was shite. But the finale just fucking blew everyones heads off it was incredible.

  3. Angusismyhero

    No wonder he gets so riled up, when people are dismissive before he’s even had a chance to be late!
    Me and my sister were shouting at the booing people near us. They blew away every other band that were on that day (although that might just be me speaking as a classic rocker) and surpassed my expectations. I’d love to have seen them at their own gig, not surrounded by students (even though I am one now) who don’t know talent even when it’s on-stage in front of them covering Pink Floyd.

  4. Basically the fucking Indie faggots at Leeds were trying to boo the band before and as they came on.

    I can safely say that 3 songs in Axl had SHUT THEM THE FUCK UP.

    He and the band were outstanding, just a shame they couldnt do a full encore as they wanted, but for some reason festivals have these really strict curfews nowadays.

  5. Also while playing Knocking on heavens door, i swear that moon in the background was the one on the night

  6. They were amazing, People say they were crap cause they group reading and leeds together.

  7. It Was Great man, ignore Magazine reviews, theyre all out to get Axl from the get go.

  8. Were they good? I read a magazine review that only gave them 1/5.. but I saw it on TV and here .. looks really good atmosphere

  9. samrulez14gnr

    smoke,my,pole,you,fat,bastard,shithead,failure,in,life,i hate you.

  10. lol “ get your cock out”

  11. libertad123456789

    Is he not sick of playing the same show for the past twenty years or so

  12. libertad123456789

    Their was a piece in the news paper , that Axl apparently slept in too late and that is why he came on late and he then blamed everyone else for his own mistakes, he was apparently fined for it too

  13. joelikesconverse

    nice upload dude, fucking loved it! sure Axl’s dancing is abit shit but owell its alabout the music.

  14. thanks!! i really enjoyed this! 🙂

  15. thx for upload GNR rocked at leeds i had a ace weekend , hope you did

  16. Absoutely incredible show, and tommy speaks 100% truth the curfew is a loada bollocks at leeds it really is in the middle of nowhere, and we probably woulda got, madagascar, better and maybe even patience aswell as this, fuckin twathead promoter.

  17. GraemeSinclair

    They were setting up the stage from when QOTSA finished, it was still covered in techs until like 20 past 9, Guns came on at half past, they couldn’t have been any earlier or they’d have been playing while the techs were constructing everything. They were fucking brilliant last night, and showed they really care about the fans. What a show.

  18. btw Whimper, nice vid mate.. not dissing you one bit…

  19. What a fucking knobhead – turn up on time and play like everybody else did all weekend and stop whining on