Hanoi Rocks Reading Festival 1983 / Part1 of 4

Apollo Pageant Movie Score: 5 / 5

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  1. sensacional esta banda é do caralho!!!!!

  2. From the year, I discovered them! Priceless footage; thanks!

  3. Would defo give the singer one up the arse!

  4. One could criticise the guy who’s filming – but at least he’s filming!

  5. Daniel Mataloni

    Thanks for this!

  6. Jonathan Beales

    this is awesome,thanks for posting it,

  7. I was there that day, just to the right of the sound desk. This is fabulous
    – thank you.

  8. AMAZING. Never would I have imagined this existed. Thank you! 

  9. I was rocking just stage left looking from the stage. What a great Gig !!!!

  10. Best rock band ever

  11. I just peed my pants.

  12. 1. Pipeline
    2. Oriental Beat
    3. Back To Mystery City (audio cuts out)
    4. Until I Get You
    5. Motorvatin’
    6. Mental Beat
    7. Don’t You Ever Leave Me
    8. Tragedy
    9. Malibu Beach Nightmare
    10. Taxi Driver
    11. I Feel Alright

  13. YES!!!!!!! Thank you! This is a gem!!!!!!

  14. please post the rest of it

  15. Brilliant! Thanx a lot! Hanoi Rocks <3

  16. Fukkin Hanoi Rocks – the best band ever! Keep ’em coming man!

  17. Where’s the rest ?

  18. hallelujah! thanks a million!

  19. Amazing! Please post 2 and 3!!

  20. Tähän ei voi kuitata muuta kuin että “me ollaan hyvä bändi jengii ottaa
    päähän se et me ollaan hyvä bändi tiedätsä et sä voi sillain kieltää
    tosiasioita niinku toi juttu et me ollaan hyvä bändi.” A.McCoy Ruisrockin
    yhteydessä 83.

  21. best band ever!

  22. Just perfect! Thanks for the upload:)