Hanson – MMMBop – V-Festival 2011

Apollo Pageant Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. cutieprincess431

    woo these guys are looking goooood

  2. MrSupremeNemesis

    A blast from the past 🙂

  3. BrenTheGorgeous

    LOL @ trying to earn extra money off nostalgia. You are an idiot. They are an indi band that happened to have more success earlier on , they didn’t sell out to continue selling records and as a result had to leave their major and go indi. THAT is true artistry at it’s best and their vocals are perfectly fine.Taylor is and always has been an incredible singer with alot of range, he isn’t a boy soprano now but he can certainly sing.

  4. TheJerminator1994

    there weren’t studio musicians they played all their own instruments I believe. Plus I think they play fine…

  5. of course. that’s why they released 7 CDs already

  6. AGREE ON 100% Согласна на 100%. Рада, что даже в России есть люди, любящие эту песню:). Есть надежда, что и группу:)

  7. msn sound 0:08

  8. same haha
    and im 19..

  9. natymagurnogreve

    sou amaixonada por ele!!!!! o cantor!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

  10. Василий Кочнев

    mmmbop the best through the time))

  11. sighs~ im 21 yrs old and i remember this song when it came out… i feel completely old

  12. he’s sooo hot OMG!!

  13. natymagurnogreve

    nao paro de sorrir ;D

  14. natymagurnogreve

    ele são uns fofos!!!!!! eu amooo eles!!!!!!!=D

  15. I’m 25years old i’m female and loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it always and forever!! GUSH! Am i sick? 😀

  16. Yeah! :-)) And they even now cant play Instruments.The Studio-musicans of the 97-CD were great.Especially the bass-line .lightyears better than in this Show.

  17. fuck takes me back to second grade. 21 years old now and i gotta say I liked the older version (with their “girly” voices and all).

  18. WHEN WERE THEY THERE…..I was at the festival da fuck

  19. this version == a lot better than a bunch of girlyboys prancing around on a beach.

  20. These guys can rock. And this remains perhaps the catchiest song I’ve ever listened to.

  21. Wow, I seriously wish I could have been there. So awesome to see them do this.

  22. Chatoutinette

    j’etais jeune et pourtant je connais encore les paroles !!! j’adore !

  23. Good luck living your dreams 🙂 from a fellow latin hanson fan.

  24. I remember the crowd singing this live back in the 90s their shows still seem to have good energy! love it!