Interactive Leeds Festival 2011 Highlights Vlog!

Apollo Pageant Online video Rating: four / 5

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  1. Walking away from Enter Shikari what are you doing xD i was right at the front at that point you going leeds again this year?

  2. iamxstardust1

    i stop watching after i saw you
    walking away from Enter Shikari!

  3. i watched this to get me excited for this year! woo

  4. Ahh! I just bought my ticket, literally can’t wait. Its my first time!! Foo’s on the first night AMAZING!!

  5. It was the best thing ever when everyone was singing Bohemian Rhapsody haha!

  6. 3:34………You’re walking AWAY from Enter Shikari?!? D:

  7. Mcfreddyweddy

    were you inbetween the crowd and the stage when it was 30 secs 2 mars??

  8. Most Probably!

  9. Will you be going this year?

  10. hahaha this was on the creepiest comments

  11. I wanked to this video…please don’t judge me.

  12. a nice little vid, l didn’t watch any of the band links but l still liked your vid. (did you not find the people giving away free converse stuff? l did and got some All Stars shoes, Blanket, Pillow, eye patch cover thingy for sleeping in and ear plugs, all for free)

  13. GrabASpoonEatMyAss

    BMTH were epic at leeds :’)

  14. European cars and there silly steering wheels on the right side. 1:05-1:08

  15. Reading is soooo much better than Leeds…it’s just a fact 😉

  16. yeah it was my birthday on the 26th and all my mates were at leeds so i thought i’d go for the more fun option of subway on my own for a 12inch meatball sub!

  17. I remember reading last year, didn’t have wellies when I got there, had to get up at 5:30 the next morning to get some, probably the best purchase of my life and I may have fallen in love with them. xD

  18. You can’t be REALLY at leeds fest… you weren’t drunk enough/ever.

  19. HannahIsMeefan

    Thanks for sharing hannah i reali like your vlogs

  20. Awesome! You look like you had a good time!

  21. TheYeboahConstrictor

    fair enough ;p but the weekend was epic so i guess it doesnt really matter who you’re in to :))

  22. Not my cup of tea I’m afraid 😀

  23. TheYeboahConstrictor

    Really good video hehe!
    But the indie band that were on that were “shit” were amazing :3