Jessie J Live 4 music V festival 2011-08-20 Part 1 of 6.avi

Apollo Festival Video Rating: four / five

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  1. Joyoungheartbeat

    I love her outfit!

  2. tenerifemates

    Nice song

  3. she sitting down with her leg in a cast and she’s still rocking it. AWeSOME. very kewl chick.

  4. inspiring <3

  5. holy shit performing with a cast on. what a fucking LEGEND

  6. ZorayaNAaliyah

    I love her

  7. omfg i love her soo much! i seriously idolize her!

  8. i like the way she plays her eyes 1:46

  9. Oh I feel the exact same way. I don’t want her to go the way of Christina: Having an amazing voice but wasting it on pop songs that don’t show off her talent at all. She sounded absolutely incredible singing her slow jazz version of “Do It Like A Dude” during the BRIT awards.

  10. I guess just difference of opinion haha. As long as you can admit that she’s super talented we’re all good here ahahaha. I do agree that she oversings a lot, it just doesn’t bother me when Jessie does it because it almost feels like she’s entitled to it haha.

  11. Eh, I don’t agree. See, I feel that with a lot of artists that is correct. That they’re corny and out of place. But it’s usually because they’re trying to be serious about it. Jessie is almost always doing it just to have fun. If you want to hear her singing insanely high in a clear as hell way haha, listen to the ending of her singing “Domino” at 1xtra live. Absolutely insane. The thing about her is that while her runs are her flashiest move, she CAN do everything else as well.

  12. Sorry, not buyin’ it haha. Post a video of you singing Big White Room while doing the insane vocal olympics that Jessie does during it, have it be flawless, and then we’ll talk about you being able to do “even the hardest” riffs and runs that Jessie does. Even Adele has said the things Jessie can do with her voice are impossible.
    I have no doubt that you could probably run through a few notes. Many singers can. I’m talking about going through vocal olympics flawlessly haha.

  13. If you had the ability to do those runs, you’d over-sing too ahaha.

  14. It’s ‘Stand up’

  15. second song name?

  16. TheScorpion667

    That’s the thing though… you’re talking about the BBC… they would have an enormous advantage as for as licensing goes and what they can broadcast. I get what you’re saying though, it sucks how they can’t have more coverage of the festivals but it’s somewhat understandable from the Festival’s business aspect.

  17. Hardly, compare it to reading and t in the park from the BBC which show every act and every song it’s very poor. I’m not asking to broadcast everything, it’s just they didnt even show any footage from Pendulum, Primal Scream and loads of main stage saturday and sunday acts. Even if they put it online, it would be nice.

  18. TheScorpion667

    If you broadcast everything it would discourage people from buying tickets and harm their profit. It makes perfect sense.

  19. missvocalangel


  20. missemileigh1998


  21. missemileigh1998

    Omg here concert is tonight were I live and the tickets have sold out so I can’t go :'(

  22. The V festival coverage is pretty shocking, theres hardly any videos online or from the tv. Compare it to reading or t in the park it’s awful.

  23. ChandelierLeBlair

    I DISAGREE haha… But that’z just me ;D

  24. They’re both good, how about that?

  25. GO VOTE FOR JESSIE J ON MTV EMA’S!!! SHE IS NOMINATED FOR (Best new, Best push, Best UK & Ireland Act)!! GO VOTE!!!!