Jessie J – Price Tag & Do it like a dude V Festival Live 2013

Apollo Competition Video Rating: 4 / five

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  1. YASS

    (the censoring is a damn mess though. Poorly edited)

  2. Legssssss

  3. Front row! IT WAS EPIC!! She’s immense 

  4. a bit of dirty diana near the end

  5. Maria Vagfyan

    i actually can’t hear her, the crow don’t let me 😀 but it’s
    crazy..freakin’ love Jessie 😀

  6. Amazing crowd!

  7. She is so “handsome”!

  8. Mohamed Amine GAHFEZ

    Couldn’t agree more with U!

  9. jessie jlover

    i was there front row!!!!

  10. LovelyMysteryFan

    So happy I was there!

  11. This only has 48 views?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. um rihanna and miley r perfect, fuck off

  13. 2,072 views when I last checked 😉 LOVE HER!

  14. Great vocals and sexy for sure

  15. Hannah Turner

    I was there front row it was amazing!

  16. wtf r u saying?

  17. Festivals2013GB


  18. CRAZY!!!

  19. Fucking love her! Fucking love the V Festival.

  20. i love her pixie crop! shes actually amazing

  21. Far from it.

  22. Always!

  23. Can you please add Beyonce set also!!!!

  24. Rihanna and Miley are far from perfect.