Jimmy Eat World perform Sweetness at Reading Festival 2011 – BBC

Apollo Competition Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Check out my Live acoustic cover of this song on my channel!

  2. Pratheepsuthersan123

    Who gives a fuck about Wally?! This is such a sick performance!

  3. WAITuraunicorn

    at 0:41 it’s Waldo!!!:DDD

  4. so true

  5. nah same bassist, rick burch, just grew his hair out.

  6. I love how you can really hear the snare and bass on the drums gives the jump right after the quite pause a good kick

  7. They got a new bassist?

  8. The ultimate festival song

  9. 2:50 hot blonde

  10. Whoa,oh,oh,oh,oh,oh~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. TheBlackhand187

    why are the top comments about waldo who cares about him this is fucking jimmy eat world

  12. whatsmyageagainSF3

    maybe fall out boy reminds jimmy eat world

  13. He uses the VOX AC30 just like me!!!! xD

  14. circuitryofthewolftv

    Funny how the crowd went all crazy till the first chorus, but then they became almost sleepy. I’d be jumping during the entire song!

    Anyway, I also love Jim’s vocals in this performance!

  15. KarmaPolice1992

    could the girl at 1:06 open her mouth any wider? and does anyone think she resembles Penny from the big bang theory slightly?

  16. 1:04 = instachills

  17. CCInstantClassic

    what an energy! awesome

  18. nirvanaNL1990

    reminds me of that band Fall Out Boy, especially the singers voice

  19. 3:46 i love how Courtney just walks out while Tom, Jim, Zac and Rick spaz out their instruments x) love u Courtney !!! ^^

  20. ohhh man, this song brings back the good memories!!!

  21. TheOmenFallOut

    the lead singer got really angry at the sound guy at one point!!

  22. Bereziuki1234

    this was just after madness so we were packed in so tight could barely move :L

  23. thatwasbuttery171717

    what the fucking fuck is up with the crowd?

  24. gutted i missed this song, i caught 3/4 of the set, but i left to watch glassjaw. i was even more gutted when glassjaw were the biggest letdown of the weekend.

    but i’ve seen jimmy 5 times before anyway.