Apollo Pageant Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. 4:38 Days Are Forgotten
    9:03 Shoot The Runner
    12:55 Velociraptor!
    16:04 Underdog
    22:06 Where Did All The Love Go?
    27:22 Swarfiga
    29:55 Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To
    34:30 I.D.
    41:07 Take Aim
    47:37 Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometimes
    50:35 Club Foot
    54:31 Re-Wired
    59:06 Empire
    1:04:00 Praise You
    1:05:34 Lost Souls Forever (L.S.F.)
    1:11:25 Switchblade Smiles
    1:17:07 Vlad The Impaler
    1:23:22 Fire
    1:30:50 She Loves You

  2. Kasabian deserve to be much bigger. They bust their arses to make their live shows the best ever. They experiment and make music FUN!

  3. I was there, and i wish Greg James had let them answer, which band would you have loved to have been in, in the last 50 years…….”we witnessed a special moment then bheys”

  4. Haha love the samba beat @ 19:40

  5. Proud to say i was there!!

  6. Dive Barnaby Dive

    to be fair they do though, theyve worked so hard for so long to get to where they are and the did it the real way so they do deserve what theyve got

  7. James Kerridge

    Was at the front & one of the best things I’ve ever seen..

  8. Diffusionality

    Go Kasabian!

  9. Thank you, loved Kasabian’s performance at Reading!

  10. Tobias Whatley

    Been looking for this for so long, what a night.

  11. Thank you so much for uploading this!! Been looking for the whole set for ages

  12. 51:12 Its me, big guy in the blue shirt!!!!!!

  13. Its part of their swagger

  14. Praise You…. Pretty dope..

  15. It was because the presenters kept goading him. And lets face it after 12 years of making top notch music, they kinda do deserve it.

  16. was there five rows back from the front, properly awesome, best parts live were 1:19:33 and fire

  17. Hipster alert!

  18. I agree. The music is great, but I really can’t deal with his attitude. And for the record, people. Before you guys start to bitch again, maybe it would be a good idea to leave the internet and go watch television. At least television doesn’t show you people’s opinions.

  19. love the jaws intro

  20. tom’s got some problems with his nose during the interview……

  21. ciaobibo11hotmail

    1:23:59 Alien Serge

  22. is that telling me to shut the f**k up?

  23. ciaobibo11hotmail

    I guess you prefer Arctic Monkeys.. Fake