Keane – Everybody’s changing (Live V Festival 2009) (High Quality video) (HD)

Apollo Pageant Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Because they are all pissed up!? Hahaha

  2. why are people trying to rate different songs by the same band as better? I’ve seen people argue over their number 1 bands before, can’t say I’ve seen arguments with songs by the same band.

  3. felipetimao1910

    The best musical groups:
    -The Killers;

  4. antoniomexicali

    la mejor cancion .

  5. Thumbs Up Who wants one day hear Keane and Coldplay together

  6. @gereijhk the english power has nothing compared to the irish at oxegen … Snow patrol – run 2009

  7. awesomesuperfuntalk

    Everyday i’m sufflin’

  8. Why is he talking to the crowd like they are retarded?

  9. i love this sooong 😀 😀

  10. pfff, I think you got it backwards….

  11. this is english power

  12. He is shuffling !!

  13. Hay dos personas que no cambian nunca, por eso su manita abajo

  14. that’s cool…!!!!!!!!

  15. What is not original from Keane? O_o

  16. SuperTitopinto

    IS not original from keane assholes

  17. his singing is just incredible! so much energy live makes u want to dance yyyeeeeeeeeerrr!

  18. Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love this !!!! 😀

  19. klipdriftpower


  20. a 2 personas les gusta Justin Biber. Idiotas XD

  21. Bedshaped deserves the second place

  22. Everybody’s Changing > Somewhere Only We Know

  23. TheHammertimeable

    I love how he nearly have to scream on the chorus 😀 Excellent audience =))))