Kings of Leon at V Festival 2010

Apollo Pageant Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. The other “football” haha

  2. magic comment. Here is some thinf to think about.Is some of there “new stuff” ever been written in there early years.Ime just soft and knocked up with all this fire. love the musuc.

  3. crystalcastles91

    as much as i love how big theyve become, i still do get a bit pissy when these ‘new’ fans come around and only know songs from the last two albums, i mean their old stuff is STILL the best. i hope they continue to play trani and milk at their shows

  4. Love4DarenKagasoff

    @theinsideoutband Im a ‘new’ fan bc before Only By The Night I never seen a video of them or seen them on TV or anything. I heard the old music and LOVED it.I respect the old fans bc I understand how u guys feel bc I’m an old fan of Simple Plan and after they came with the self-titled album all of a sudden everyone liked them. Kings Of Leon’s sound is great, and well yeah, ppl that JUST listen to Sex On Fire or Use Somebody r stupid for calling them fans, there r much more songs of them.

  5. sex on fire and use somebody are awwwwesome but they have better. like molly’s chambers and red morning light, they are insanely good.

  6. cant wait to see them live again this summer
    hope they’ll play only new songs like Trani and 4 kicks 😀

  7. yeah youre so right this is the way i became a fan…the only fans i hate are those stupid wannabe kol fans that actually listen to bruno mars or something like that and only listen to their new stuff..

  8. @theinsideoutband
    anyway is the new album fantastic, and I love the older stuff too

  9. thank fucking god someone out there has the same mindset as me!!! i may not have heard about kol before sex on fire, use somebody, etc but it is because of those songs that their old stuff has become appreciated , and i am in agony waiting to see them play in hyde park in june!!! 🙂

  10. mancuniangirl08

    You can see how much they respect UK’s audience

  11. warriorwithin24

    why do you people think that because you have known this band longer then others that this makes you more of a “superior” fan then the 55 year old that just discovered it on the radio? Music evolves and bands thrive to live off what they create no band “sells out” he says in this interview musicians evolve and change.I dont think KOL think anything less of a new fan or an old one.

  12. Old school Kings > New School kings…but all the same…New stuff is still legit. Trani is hands down the best song ever

  13. southern rockers in europe

  14. Is this the festival that Kings of Leon apparently pissed off all the other bands for acting like royalty or someting? 

  15. jackmileybehoff

    im not a fairweather fan, i believe kings of leon are always good and will always be that way

  16. MrCaptainFUCKTARD

    Yeah im real jealous of not seeing kings of leon and pixie lott. Fuck off kings of leon are pop music now so have fun watching pixie lott you twat. Get a taste in music.

  17. im a rich cunt, so don’t you worry yourself. just make sure you get your tv licence so you can watch them this year. while im at glastobury, leeds, and V 😉

  18. interrupting cow, moo?

  19. Julietthefrenchgreek

    proud to say I’ve been a fan since the release of Youth and Young Manhood – when I was ten years old 😀 saw them live for the first time in December and was a little disappointed that they didn’t play much old stuff – but they were still absolutely amazing. Love them forever 😀

  20. multiple, as in like..over ten

  21. @theinsideoutband milk is awesome song !

  22. TheCrazedLorry98

    have u realized they both sort of sound the same…..or is it just me?

  23. i didnt even realize when they became famous because i had already been listening to their stuff and i dont pay much attention to the radio so it was amazing when i finally realized they broke out because thats what they wanted all along. also, im so amazed that people actually listen to their stuff because when i first heard it i got so annoyed but it grew on me. their sound is totally not mainstream so im still confused as to how they broke out…

  24. yeah, i was just thinking that =p