Lady GaGa – Paparazzi (Live at V Festival 2009) [23/08/09]

Apollo Festival Video Score: four / five

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  1. I Love This Perfomance!!!

  2. harajukukevin6657

    that intro is amazing. the birth of the Queen of Pop

  3. Whats wrong to post something of Madonna on gaga she was Gaga’s influence

  4. peter Horvath

    her best performance

  5. Aaron Skinner

    she’s jealous of Lady Gaga because Lady Gaga got named the NEW Queen of Pop

  6. Aaron Skinner

    this Paparazzi Style is better then the Born This Way Style

  7. its the best live version of paparazzi EVER! i still miss her in this style 🙁

  8. danceonasingleprayer

    lol it’s whatever 😛

  9. say what u want..i still hate her.. lol

  10. danceonasingleprayer

    You don’t have to love Madonna, no one has to. But there is no need to bash her so much. Instead of doing that, some fans could take the high road and just forget about it, like Gaga herself, instead of running around on YouTube videos bickering like children.

  11. why should we love madonna? madonna insulted gaga while gaga really look up for her.. that sick cunt..

  12. Madonna star bother Lady GaGa and we know everybody is going to get older but we can’t allow Madonna talk shit about Lady GaGa because she is jealous about Lady GaGa.

  13. danceonasingleprayer

    Everybody is going to get old and die anyway.
    Seriously guys, stop with the Madonna hate. Why can’t we love and appreciate what both Lady Gaga and Madonna do? :'(

  14. Cocokingable1

    3:45 I’m just going to flip you guys off don’t mind me. Lol

  15. she’s one of best pop stars that ever lived,and she’s going to be remembered as one.the most iconic pop star of our generation !

  16. I’m miss her …
    I want this gaga back pleeaseeee.. !!! 🙁

  17. This is one of the best pop songs! It sounds like an epic song! 

  18. This is still my favorite performance of her carreer

  19. Jo caldorone face 5:50


  21. Came here after watching Katy’s performance at the Much Music Video Awards 2012. Just wanted to her something a lot better.and classy. Love you Gaga!!

  22. england

  23. It’s possible to love without hate. Some of these comments are really counter productive to GaGa’s message of love and acceptance so if you agree with her don’t feel like you need to defend GaGa every time there’s a negative comment about her because she never sees these and doesn’t give a fuck. And if you’re not a GaGa fan don’t come on here with the goal to spread negativity.

  24. What did gaga shouted at 4:04? “In danger…?” thz

  25. I don’t think she uses them to underrate her vocals, it’s just that she wants to put on an entire show and that to her is delivering both amazing vocals and wonderful theatrics. Plus, she’s always acted as if having vocal ability was something all musical artists should have 😀 she just wants to entertain 🙂