Leeds Festival 2010 – Biffy Clyro Walk Onto Main Stage

Apollo Festival Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. Well that’s not obvious trolling…

  2. The amount of pure shit on this page is starting to ruin a top video. There’s a reason Biffy have a loyal and large fan base and a reason that Matt Cardle has already been forgotten…
    Now shut up, look at the facts and enjoy Simon looking like Father Christmas.


    Looks like a fucking mountain goat

  4. I’d completely forgotten about Matt Cardle.

  5. Never at any point in my last response, did I say that studying medicinal chemistry was a big deal, and by the way people in bands generally are intelligent and possess the initiative to get together with like minded people to do something they love, and I never said that a chimp could be a decorator, the fact that you’ve misinterpreted my comment on so many levels AND the fact you’ve been looking at my profile to find things to use against me, really suggests you’re a stupid, lifeless idiot.

  6. nope, biffy clyro did not write this, matt cardle did

  7. The fact that you think studying medicinal chem is such a big deal implies you are a dumbarse lol, you say you have a band, and most people in bands have a below average IQ because they’re dumbarses. Nope, the fact you think a chimp could be a decorator verifies that you are unintelligent. Matt cardle has more talent in his little finger than biffy clyro do in their entire bodies

  8. Believe what you wish, but fact is i do, I’m going on to do a masters in it as i just finished 4th year. However it really doesn’t matter what you believe because the fact is it’s not going to make it any less true. I merely stated a fact, matt cardle wrote this song and his version of the song is 1 million times better. No, a chimp would never be able to be a decorator, if you think they could you obviously have the intelligence of a spoon

  9. FAIL you don’t actually expect me to believe the bullshit story about “Studying medicinal chemistry” , somebody who was studying said subject would not be wasting their time trolling youtube, and actually I think you’ll find that chimps, given the correct training, are able to master basic human tasks, such as painting,and painting and decorating requires little or no intelligence for a human. conclusion; Matt Cardle is an idiot, end of.

  10. a chimp is thick, a chimp cannot paint, it takes human intelligence to be able to do something like that and decorating requires intelligence. Architects design stuff, are you saying they’re thick?…one can also argue that being a musician implies one is thick and did shit at school. Matt wrote the song, biffy stole it and did a shit version of it. i study medicinal chemistry, not exactly a subject for idiots is it my feeble minded friend?

  11. no, being a painter and decorator, implies that he is a non-creative, rather thick individual who, having failed to do well in school and having got himself stuck in a shitty dead end job, decided to go and murder other people’s songs on an awful reality show, that’s aimed at idiots like you.

  12. being a painter and decorator implies that the person is creative, hence matt cardle is a great song writer. biffy have never written their own songs, they rely on talented individuals like matt and simon cowell to write their songs for them

  13. has it not occurred to u that many of horror is a brilliantly and beautifully written song, matt cardle is a stupid fucking painter and decorator, he probably struggles with his own name! how the hell he he have written anything??!!

  14. how? because I dont believe what the music media wants me to believe?…matt cardle wrote this song and gave this biffy fella permission to sing it, it’s matt’s song, matt is credited as the song writer and matt’s version of it is far better

  15. Fucking hell you’re thick…

  16. Taps aff! 1:04

  17. Matt cardle wrote this song…biffy’s cover of the song is crap

  18. OrangeHatBand

    You Dumb, fucking brainless cunt

  19. wowitsalexander

    Even gods get nervous

  20. i think ‘God only know what i’d be without you’


    There’s actually an interview if you type in ”simon neil tatoo’s ” and he goes through all his tatoo’s.

  22. @TheFrankMir “God only knows what I’d be without you”, taken from the Beach Boys song ‘God Only Knows’.

  23. oneloveman988

    Wow these guys are incredible

  24. What’s his chest tattoo say?