Leeds Festival 2010 – Blink 182 Interview

Apollo Pageant Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. wie fett du geworden bist man !

  2. That was rude take that back please

  3. It’s a blink 182 interview! Let’s play the libertines at the start

  4. oh my god yes! that disturbed look (but in a good way!) <3

  5. That deranged look in his eyes

  6. i love you guys

  7. ohh fuck ’em 😛 i think its pronounced both ways, I think they picked up more on the “1 eighty 2” when they were in Australia one time… anyways this is your proof! 😀

  8. CrazyVicky3000

    idiots in my school like “You’re wrong it’s Blink One Hundered and Eight Two”

  9. no, he was probably taking meds for his cancer

  10. well, ofcorse, who says it’s not?

  11. I don’t think that Mark will ever age! Look at him! And god, that freaking epic hair, wow!

  12. Where’s Travis? :(

  13. heerserjordi95

    i love mark,tom, and plant 🙂

  14. CrazyVicky3000

    it IS pronounced blink one EIGHTY-TWO hahaha I now have proof to anyone that says it’s not.

  15. poor Mark, he looks exhausted.

  16. Shut yo fagget ass up.

  17. BarrettJones1111

    Tom looks like he’s been doing cocain for awhile. I heard somewhere that he’s been seen doing it.

  18. tom got fatter mark got older still theyre awesome but just saying

  19. i miss tom’s old hair.. and mark looks super tired. :( poor dude.

  20. tom looks really different these days but i cant think of what it is

  21. santacruzforlife

    tom just couldnt resist making a sexual joke at the end

  22. I’m from Leeds 🙂 I was there :)

  23. budbuddingdingMUSE

    Go away

  24. mark looks tired as shit

  25. MissJennyLouise