Leeds Festival 2010 – The Libertines Verdict

Apollo Pageant Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Cut your fucking nose off do us all a favour Mr 0:50

  2. Well said Bevy xx

  3. respatiagungnugroho

    dude, mick jones of the clash was the producer of the libertines, better not compare them…

  4. lizziewebster1

    i’m the girl who describes them as a piece of chocolate cake! definitely went on to explain how/ why they were cake but they must have cut it out!

  5. I love The Libertines but why are people getting so wound up by the guy at 0:45? Not everyone likes the same music as you, so get over it, grow up and learn to be more tolerant towards the opinion of others.

  6. For some reason that guy at 0:50 reminds me of David Brent


    0:50 fuckin aracde fire fan….CUNT

  8. MrRyanhancock1234

    smashed that guys face with a bottle if i heard that at 0.50

  9. I love the libertines but they are nothing compared to the clash

  10. i dont think paul weller likes the clash too much

  11. That guy who spoke through his nose 0:45 is entitled to his opinion. At least he went to see them, gave them the time and didn’t like them. Are you guys seriously that fucking full of yourself that you wont allow someone to diss The Libertines? Imagine what a shitty world we’d live in if we all liked the same music.

  12. Oh look, a rock snob. Because it’s impossible to love The Clash, The Jam AND The Libs, isn’ it you twat? One of those pissants who was probably listening to James Blunt ’till he was 19, discovered The Beatles and Hendrix the week prior and is now so full of himself he goes and says The Libs are overrated nonsense. That’s like saying to Elvis: ‘If I want rock n roll, I’ll listen to Bo Diddley’ or saying to Janis :’If I want Ball and Chain, I’ll listen to Big Mama Thornton’. No mate, no. NEXT!

  13. haha greenyboy what a cock he is 

  14. songs are written for them?? And this is based on what?? Do some research before you make idol claims you silly silly little boy.

  15. 1. ‘Drugged up’ its true that pete has drug problems but the rest of them are totally fine, even petes addiction didn’t stop his music from being great. 2. the definition of ‘faggot’ is an offensive term to describe an openly homosexual man…3. They wrote their own songs and 4. fuck off.

  16. greenyjboy422

    libertines are drugged up faggots whos songs are written for them and i agree they are so overratted

  17. 1029384756715

    the thing that upsets me the most is the “ don’t look back into the sun…. BLAH BLAH BLAH” no, seriously, don’t you dare

  18. I’d love to punch that girl at 1:00 whether she be a libertines fan or not..

  19. smithayyyjames

    if i ever see the guy at 0:50 that speaks through his nose i will break his legs

  20. Rococo in the background 🙂

  21. FUCK THIS VIDEO. Stupid leeds. Good old reading rightfully worshipped them!

  22. TheBeginnersnow

    Paul Weller & Carl Barat have played together & Mick Jones was The Libertines producer. The guy around 0:50 clearly knows nothing about good music.

  23. GlennWrightMusic94

    0:45 What an arsehole!

  24. evolutiontheory

    I find interviewing sober people a lot more revealing than drunks.