LEEDS FESTIVAL 2011 – Unkle Sounds

Apollo Festival Movie Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Amazing set, amzing night, pure bliss, god knows why not that many people showed up to see him, glad they mind :)

  2. Can’t believe I missed this 🙁

  3. Same here haha, that Friday line up was so poor I thought I’d check this guy out – so worth it! When the first video clip thing of the stained glass window kaleidoscope thing came up we all knew it would be a sick set…

  4. sooo good i don’t even remember this:) all my mates wher at some stoopid emo gig so i went on my bill still bloody aswome.

  5. lonely ssoouul
    (whers the baldys

  6. ‘Changes’ NNL intro… LIKE A BOSS

  7. I was right at the front directly in front of JL and I remember almost none of this…. quality evening!!!!

  8. wow, awesome, so jealous of you!