Leeds Festival Riots

Apollo Competition Online video Rating: 3 / five

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  1. nirvanabuzz69

    they were ok, but they’ll never beat the riots of 2002!

  2. well done

  3. Michyness2oo8


  4. I remember the Everton flags there was aleast 30 everton shirts there.

  5. fuck me!

    when its ont carriageway.

    was pissin miself!

  6. Lol, you’re all gay…

  7. that sky pic 25 seconds in weird but i remeber that exact moment i was like wow what a nice atmosphere

  8. yea lmao

  9. charmedgirl128

    What colour camp site was thatt

  10. was this the year the cider bar got burned down and firemen turned up, some idiots thought it would be cool to push a minibus into the fires aswell lol

  11. crazyphil your the daft twat who makes everyone shit in pits coz they dont want to give us nice bogs you tit

  12. clashcitygraham75

    You hard b****rd phil, bet you would have been the first to run if they’d charged. It’s idiots like you who give this festival a bad name.

  13. i were there..i was at the entrance 2 the yellow site taunting the riot squad, and where the telegraph pole got pulled down