Lostprophets @ V Festival 2008

Apollo Competition Video clip Ranking: four / five

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  1. ian lookd do high!

  2. very strange hairs in all the band haha

  3. Theblackout7bc13

    How tall is Ian??? I didn’t think he was that tall till I saw this vid. Fucking awesome live tho!!!!! Fucking sexy beast

  4. I was there and it fuckin rocked! So glad they’re back this year.


  5. HotElefantTomales

    ian kinda looks like the dood from forgetting sarah marshall

  6. I was right in the middle and next to us was a naked Ginger guy runnin round in circles LOL

  7. Intro is ace

  8. when ian waves at 6:45 he waves 2 my auntie

  9. naahh not pop fashion but lostprophets fashion… if you keep checking on them you´ll see they don´t resemble many groups out there…

  10. Why does it fell like Ian and the guys keep changin’ their look, to a much more pop image… I’m just sayin’

  11. Me too!! :D

  12. so am i :D

  13. same, in edinburgh for me ;D

  14. meeeee too! :D

  15. seeing them in feb::)

  16. Love the drummer drums with his socks on! haha! It’s much relaxing then with shoes!:)

  17. lol’d at jamies hair
    great song
    cant wait till i get to see them 😀

  18. Haha! He looks a bit Russel Brand-esque.

    To me anyway, at some angles. Nevertheless, looking forward to the new album :D

  19. officially confirmed that the album will be out in january 2010 (yes that adds up to almost 4 years of waiting) and the first single will be out in october, “it’s not the end of the world, but i can see it from here”

  20. haha thnx, @ and half years is too long at least there not doin wat metallica did and made ppl wait for like over 8 yrs, oh well at lest there taking there time to make sometin good. Twitter is facebook minus everything but status update, If you love to update your status get a twitter acount, I only se mine for info bout bands i like i.e Lostprophets

  21. If it comes out around that day ill give you that bday present too. No more time before that…impossible the wait! lool I dont have twitter. Dont know whats the real use for it…its like a facebook or something?

  22. nah, the music vids arent out yet, prob still editing or sometin i dunno. Everthing I no, I’ve found out from Watkin’s Twitter, Its quiete informative actually, it was his bday a few days ago, apparently, according to him. :). I hope the cd is out in september, maybe arounjd the 23 lol, Thats my bday, so hopefully since thats all im telling ppl to buy me ill end up with 5 copies in the end,, tho i usually dont ever get 5 presents :S Mayb ill b lucky!

  23. Really!? lol Havent been posted yet right? I go everyday to their myspace and no news. Gettin desperated xD i bet on october! I saw a interview where they say they just have to finish the interludes. So it would be expected to be fast. But you never know

  24. the just filimed 2 music vids, so That should hopefully be out in August, the cd i’m hoping will be out in September, but It’ll prob be out in september-october, myabe but i doubt that it could be out in november, but no actualy realese date has been set yet

  25. Do you know when the new album will come out?