Morrissey @ Glastonbury Festival 2011 (Full set)

Apollo Festival Online video Rating: four / five

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  1. fernandocosta2016

    This guy is so simple the best , 

  2. JoeyJoeJoeJunior22


  3. Cool

  4. Nothereisnolight

    Me encanta el cover de Lou Reed, es un temazo 🙂 !!!!

  5. TheNEWBobDylan

    Johnny Marr is the one he can’t have….

  6. “i cannot stand George Alagiah ” that’s funny 

  7. morrissey or u2 ? no brainer for any sane person. LONG LIVE MOZ

  8. Steven take your time darling U2 will never shadow you!!

  9. The best concert that has EVER been on TV for those unfortunate to have missed Glastonbury.

  10. Pikachu in the house!!

  11. thank you so much for posting this!!!

  12. This is awkward. He wasn’t being humble. He was taking the piss out of U2… due to them being shite.

  13. If you don’t like them, that’s allright, to each its own. ‘They just suck’ is just such a weak argument.

  14. They just suck

  15. U2 sucks! Senseless music for sell outs alike who crowd this worthless industry with crappy music for me to ignore:) they just suck ok!

  16. What’s with all the U2 hate….really?

  17. WeAreSpartaFC

    Ooo-aaaar!! Farmer Bogshed’s Maximum Countryside Hip Hop app for iPhone. Cheaper than wellies. Now GET OFF MY LAND…

  18. Shirley Aliaga Yarlequé

    #Mozzlover !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. No way should Moz be “opening” for fvcking U2 – they shouldn’t even be on the same stage as him!

  20. Morrissey’s middle-aged spread is the coolest middle-aged spread ever!

  21. Fuck U2 . . .

  22. Eu também fui ao show dele esse ano de 2011 só que foi em São Paulo .. inesquecível, de Rondônia para a realização de um sonho!!

  23. rossfullerton1

    I love how the piano between Action is my Middle Name and Satellite of Love is a either a bit confused, as in not knowing what song is coming next between songs, or brilliantly making a good intro and ending for both the songs using some of the chords from Satellite of Love as the communication for the next song or two. Works really well either way.

  24. Greenpeace!:D

  25. 0am0i0a0ghost0

    I WILL see morrissey live!!!