My Chemical Romance Interview (Part One) – Leeds Festival 2011

Apollo Competition Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. i would pay a million dollars to se mcr smiling FROM the stage.

  2. i was so jealous of my sister cause she went to reading festival last year and saw these 🙁
    i got to watch them on tv though 🙂

  3. MightBeQuiteInsane

    That night (leeds) was the best night of my life. The only thing tha could possibly replace it is Foo Fighters this year. But even then… I love MCR too much to rank them at anything below #1.

  4. MichelleTarahMupp

    It looks like Gerard is wearing alot of foundation.

  5. i noticed most of this interview i was staring at gerards smiley on his jacket 😛

  6. McrLover41397

    You go Gerard.

  7. It’s a miracle! The boy can speak! Ahaha. x)

  8. Leeds festival was 27th August 🙂

  9. killjoyforever18

    Gee’s words are just too sexy and amazing for me3

  10. leylineglambert4ever

    here comes the two sexiest brothers with their trully amazing personality3333

  11. Gee…your glasses are just that…g(:

  12. StoneColdDead100

    Im so damn late! I live in reading and i didnt get to see there show! Truely dissapointing… :(

  13. When was this?

  14. LaughingWithSkittles

    one day when you wake up… the jacket you took off Mikey, will be gone 😀

  15. one day, mikey will wake up and his jacket will be gone. I love it so much

  16. LPSProductionsUK


  17. yup!

  18. nahhh, it’s still black! this interview happened before he dyed it back 🙂

  19. pillarockaHIM

    they were booed off in 2006, wtf???

  20. RenegadeThirteen

    ~proud mother moment~~ <3 :')

  21. FrozenUnderwearxD

    And THIS, is one of the reasons why this band is one of THE MOST INSPERATIONAL bands out there. Love them! And Reading was amazing! xD <3 <3

  22. Gee is the SASS MASTER!!!!!!!!

  23. natashailovepatrick

    dayyym gee, nice shades.

  24. Gee is very sexy!!! 😛

  25. supermusickid667

    MIKEY! <3