Nine Inch Nails – Hurt (Live Reading Festival 2007)

Apollo Competition Video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. caverunsummer

    Hey look everyone!!! Mr crackhead loser’s on stage tryin to sing! Its so funny….cash sings nin’s song…..and quaddroupled its popularity. Nin just looks like a bunch of drunk monkeys…lmmfao! Wow! Can u say FAIL?

  2. caverunsummer

    Lmfao…. It appears mrface19 is mad. But then again…..reading my comment “again”, considering its as old as the load i left in ur moms ass, would suggest that ur life is pretty boring and lame, lmao! But thanks for the compliment! Im glad your life revolves around my comments!! Loser….. No wonder u like nin;)

  3. I would be surprised if she even knew that Trent Reznor wrote it, or who he is. It’s easy to sing karaoke…

  4. It must feel great.. because since hearing JC’s version, I discovered the original. Now I dislike JC’s version, and love the original. So go fuck yourself.

  5. You think being melodramatic in a music video makes the song more meaningful? Grow the fuck up.

    Do you know anything about Trent Reznor? Anything at all. I know very little.. but can tell he’s been beyond hell just by listening to him and reading his lyrics. Quit with the rhetoric bullshit and learn to understand.

  6. I just read your comment again. You’re fucking clueless.

  7. Can we ALL come to a common consensus and admit that the Leona Lewis version is the major tarnish here?

  8. Are you kidding me?! Not a NIN fan at all, but tortured their own song? How is that fucking possible? “Good ol’ Jonny” cheapened it… melodramaticised it… this is a personal song. Trent Reznor is the only one that can sing it with its original meaning. Cash made me it more powerful? Fuck off. The only thing he did was made it more mainstream. Defeating the object entirely.

  9. Johnny Cash was good… but he wasn’t that good. I don’t know if you listen to much Nails but this is very much like something Reznor would write,,, because he wrote it. lol.

  10. Can some1 tell me, where I can find the original file of this video?
    I want this version of the song as a mp3. I just love it.

  11. i think when he plays it with piano in any era it sounds better

  12. What???? This song speaks to the drug addiction, Reznor = God

  13. caverunsummer

    Gotta say… Yea, nin wrote the song, but good god!! They tortured the shit outta their own song man! And i dont care for country…. But good ol’ jonny cash made it powerful, moving!! Wouldnt u all agree???

  14. THAT’S “Hurt”. THAT’S “Lyrics” – respect to the writter. that’s N.I.N.
    um, and Johnny Cash, ya, ya, he is good at HIS song…

    (..just a personal opinion ofc..)

  15. Same song, same lyrics, two different people, two different stories, power of art

  16. Just great, but Johnny Cash did it better.

  17. Im not going to comment on this whole NIN v’s Cash versions of the song, its all subjective after all.

    However I do find the Cash version disquieting, he is far too ill at ease and the Last Supper setting is IMO a little cheap. It reminds me of a poor cable TV charity ad. It lacks the maturity of the original concept of the song I find.

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  19. mikedeftone28


  20. I’m a physics student, I have a strange sense of humour. And yes, you failed.

  21. Im watching it simply to compare and again its ment to be funny a joke”the number thing) dont tell me your siting there trying to solve the equation, lighten up and stop trying to be my professor and give me a D… better not fail me ass hole. Lol

  22. Meh, that’s your opinion. And obviously I knew (hope) you were joking about the whore, I was just trying (obviously failing) to make one in kind. I like the Cash version too. It’s displaying different emotions and is no less powerful in it’s own way. I prefer the original though. Since it’s obvious you don’t, why are you even watching this? Also as a side note, if you can’t write large numbers properly, don’t try to be clever with maths, you just make yourself look stupid.

  23. Ya johny told me the other day.

  24. Settle down killer lol it was ment as a joke, obviously. But all joking a side johny cash versions is 1000×200,5965,069.663 to the third power +2.2 better……no comparison at all nines not even in the “ball park”…. Watch johns version video look into his eyes at the part where he spills the wine on the table, he has what they call the thousand yard stare. They say people get it when they been to hell and back, and the devil himself refuse to take them.

  25. You sincerely think this is a cover?