NME Video: Serj Tankian at Leeds Festival

Apollo Pageant Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. his voice reminds me of will ferrell’s voice

  2. what are you talking about serj you sexy person

  3. hey where the new album

  4. MinecraftAssasin

    i luv ppingpong

  5. PeasantofMercia

    The left originally meant against government rather than a specific ideology so think of it as that.. and it’s pretty hard to like the American government if you are not deluded by their propoganda.

  6. epic ending. aha

  7. 18deadmonkeys

    serj, why u no renew your domains?

  8. @danollz7 i have to say, a country run by serj would own, but being president is a hard and demanding job so voting him president would be destroying system of a down as he wouldn’t have enough time to work with the band :'(

  9. BritishCigarette

    @nicholas5674 wow, prick

  10. there is only on god JACKASS. SmFH!

  11. TheDarknessArising

    It seems that majority of the lead singers of rock bands get how this government really works, points out the flaws, how to fix them, and thinks about the common people! I love it! And by the way…. I LIVE FOR THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!

  12. damn! serj’s got a fucking HUGE noise. anyway, it’s unique and awesome at the same time

  13. SerjTankianLover1


  14. Agreed Serj.
    Fuck that.

  15. Here’s the rub; freedom, tolerance and justice. How far do you have to go to defend those rights. And how far do you stray FROM those ideals in order to defend them?

  16. Left or right, conservstive or liberal, they all twist the truth into a Gordion knot to promote their point of view. There’s Pussies, Dicks and Assholes…

  17. Thats the one thing i don’t get about Serj. As intelligent as he is he seems to be stuck on left vs right which is just a huge farce used to divide us.I don’t understand why he can’t look past that and it just makes me sad.

  18. Ouch. 

  19. Oh mah gawd, i think he just blew up a couple of my braincells from me trying to decipher what the hell he’s saying O.o He’s so smart! he should be a politician as a side career cuz he really knows his shit. =D I luv Serj to death, he reminds me of a very well groomed teddy bear. I didnt know a man could have such awesome facial hair until I found him

  20. Serj for prez…

  21. There is no left or right, it’s all the same thing. just look at Bush and Obama, they are doing the exact same thing, tax cuts, war, evento Guantanamo Bay. They follow the sameguide lines because they are just puppets.If you really wantto fix the US,get rid of the FederalReserve, and the Electoral College. Get out of the UN, NAFTA and China’s trade deal. Regulate cooperationand get rid of lobbyist, if the cooperations are paying for someone to run for office who do you think is controlling them?


    lol ping pong^^

  23. See? im always right.

  24. that plan seems practical.

  25. I see your point. which is why i advocate an oligarchy of bears.