Noel Gallagher – Whatever [Live V Festival 2012] – Hylands Park, Chelmsford

Apollo Pageant Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. Glad to say I was amongst that lot.. What a day 

  2. I hate to say this, but this does sound better than the original.. I love
    Liam’s voice, but this is “God-Like”

  3. この動画みてから、なんか職場の上司に反抗するようになった気がする。

  4. CJBindahouse

    Better with Noel singing!

  5. ok.

  6. That keyboard adds another dimension to a great song

  7. Simone Pierotti
  8. as the years have passed Noels voice has got better and better and Liams
    has gotten worse and worse – i guess thats the strain of singing night
    after night for nigh on 15 years and potentially not taking the best to
    care for it 

  9. his voice is beautiful. I’m thinking that he is GOD.

  10. where is liam and others :(

  11. This needs the gravel of LG’s voice.

  12. He’s great, the drummer looks, em, individual and the other three don’t
    suit noel’s image.

  13. Joel Malmström


  14. Mario Pablo Vasquez

    It’s not the same without Liam’s vocals. No soul man…

  15. MBarrett7Productions

    What on earth is going on with that piano that HFB take around? It’s
    awesome but sounds proper strange :p

  16. 오아시스!!!!!

  17. MCFCRuss Brown

    he used it at the IOW fest last year

  18. it doesnt work well on a Martin..

  19. Probably he wanted to play this song with that guitar! Wake up!!

  20. Ifan Roberts

    T in the park crowd was so so much louder..shame on v

  21. Did Noel play saturday and sunday? Or just saturday..

  22. john doherty

    no one is near Noel

  23. George Hughes

    I haven’t seen him playing his Gibson since 2009/10….

  24. Played hylands park on saturday then weston park on sunday! (:

  25. HopeNeverGone

    Shit, miss the old oasis………