Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live at V Festival 2005)

Apollo Pageant Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  2. best band ever

  3. Watched this video from a link on Ebay, selling a pair of Liams sunglasses that he’s wearing here!!

  4. Dominates!

  5. This song is fucking great, but much better live!!

  6. que buen finaal!

  7. Hi, how are you?

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  8. Oh man, I wanna have those shades for summer. Anyone know what brand they are?

  9. diamondgeezer77

    oasis come back!!!!

  10. sounding so fucking good, crowd aswell!

  11. EXACTLY! I was SOOO glad when he signed-on with the lads. Finally got a chance to hear Oasis with a proper “rock drummer.” I still don’t get what the fuck all his detractors who slag him off are on about. I had given up on Oasis altogether until Starkey came along.

  12. oasis are/were bigger than the beatles!!

  13. Oh how I wish I was there!

  14. Howzat for an ending? BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG

  15. He does.

  16. to the people who book band for this festival. This is when V was a real festival and the wank pop gathering that 2011 is going to be. Artics not included

  17. glentoranfan247

    At 3:10 it sounds like Liams sings “You gotta rape it!” haha

  18. deepnightparody666

    who gives a f**k about your sunglasses? leave the people be, and let them enjoy music!

    Spamming sucks.

  19. rudyhernandezzz

    miss my high school lyf

  20. nah he doesn’t rip off beatles songs as ma keeps saying !still rights fine tune s!

  21. classic

  22. BANDA FODA DE MAIS… it´s the best band in the world, I´ve sure that!!!!!

  23. rapperzondernaam

    I’m selling these donna karan sunglasses on ebay tomorrow.

  24. rapperzondernaam

    I’m selling these donna karan sunglasses on ebay tomorrow.