Oasis – Rock n’ Roll Star (Glastonbury 2004)

Apollo Competition Movie Ranking: four / five

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  1. Zak

  2. Disco234jockey

    is Chris or Zak on the drums?

  3. Magnific!

  4. Sound crews cocked right up on this set. Was stood at the sound desk and you couldnt hear jack, much to everyone’s irritation.

  5. AtStreetLevel

    what. a. ridiculous. coat.

  6. 1:13 lol

  7. go ooooooon Zak you beast

  8. TheWhiteside57

    4 personne ont rater le pouce vert

  9. anthonycarvale


  10. 39smoothed1039


  11. HectorSupernova

    Great song and brilliant voice!

  12. Aqui esta Zak Starkey tocando con Oasis

  13. THIS IS A REAL GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. None of this BEP, Beyonce, Jay-Z bullshit

  14. cannyfindaname

    why are the music festivals not like this now

  15. TocN de la mierda

  16. LopesNogueira

    Zak Starkey “The Best Drumer”!

  17. vow…Andy’s bass was turned really load here!

  18. BlowBackBenny

    I don’t get this gig at all, Liam sounds pretty good here.
    Then on alot of the other songs it’s one of his worst gigs.
    Was his mic not loud enough so he had to shout and mess his voice up?

  19. TheNutsOfficiel

    Liam is probably the only guy who can wear a fuckin’ feathers coat without look like a jerk ! Class.

  20. its just rock n rolllll

  21. that place is a fucking mess.

  22. you so right, i saw them live in liverpool and it was so much well set up than this. they still fuckin rocked though!!!

  23. Only Liam could pull off that coat. Even makes me like it… a bit