Orbital – Live at Glastonbury Festival 2010

Apollo Pageant Video Score: 5 / five

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  1. Hey, in their “Live in Australia” concert included with their Wonky album changed “Satan” into “Belfast”.

  2. why didnt they show halcyon at the end of chime


  3. dAtomicAudreyb

    They’re Orbital! 🙂 They’re a group of two brothers, Paul and Phil Hartnoll, and they are one of the pioneers of techno. In fact, they are arguably the greatest DJ group of our time. They did some incredible stuff in the 90s/ early 00s, but then went into retirement. However, luckily, they have just recenty come back out of retirement and started performing again! They also released an album this past year. I highly reccommend their music to you if you are a fan of this kind of stuff.

  4. So interesting how something angry-sounding like “Don’t Stop Me”, can change into something bright and sunny. Love Orbital…

  5. Wonderful sound!

  6. MultiAndroid88

    Who are these guys, in fact I’ ve heard about them, but I do not really know anything :), can anybody tell me ??? 🙂

  7. Saw these geezers last night. BEST gig ever. An almost religious experience. Melbourne misses you already lads. PLSSS come back soon.

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  9. Having seen them the other day, I’m rather regretting not seeing them at this gig. Though I did see Stevie Wonder instead which was just as fabulous.

  10. i have fricking goosebumps watching this !!!

  11. return of the masters

  12. Went to heaven and did not know it !! Awesome thanks !!

  13. f*ck yeah

  14. See you on Heineken Opener Festival in Poland!

  15. Can’t wait to see these guys @ Pohoda festival in Slovakia in July 2012 !

  16. kuuullllll

  17. 84gingertommy

    Same here dude, it’s gonna be awsome. If anyone can top simian it’s gotta be orbital!


  19. secret garden party 2012, bring it on.

  20. Dr Who The Third Member Of Orbital

  21. Gonna be seeing these live in June at a festival…. Can not wait, bring on the summer !!

  22. Satan = song of my childhood :D

  23. awesome dracula AD 1972 sample in the middle!

  24. thanks will check that out