PHOENIX at Glastonbury Festival 2010 ( Full concert )

Apollo Competition Online video Ranking: 5 / five

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  1. “Mexico, you’re killing me….”

  2. What about you ?

  3. DieToFleshNotSpirit

    Are you stupid? u.u

  4. phoenix = addictive!

  5. Guy at 25:44

  6. lmismisimokntero

    “Mexico rocks !!!” ? PUES DIGALO EN ESPAÑOL HIJO DE SU PINCHE MADRE jaja besitos desde Querétaro

  7. taylordavis1234567

    They are French? I didn’t see them smoke a cigarette… Are you sure?

  8. great drummer.

  9. Me not that much.

  10. What’s with the Mexican flags? What’s with the weird alliance between the Greek flag and the Mexican flag (“Grexican”?) What’s with flags at rock concerts?

  11. I like how that one American is flying a Californian flag instead of an American one. “Don’t hate on me, I’m Californian not Texan!”

  12. TheMariSingle

    They’re AWESOME!

  13. I’m glad to be french !

  14. TheAlanJenkins

    When the lights are coming out
    And I come down in your room
    Our daily compromise, it is
    Written in your signed ARMISTICE

  15. drummer was great, loved the way they all turned round to him at the end of 1901, class
    such a great great band i love em

  16. Imperio Sándes

    me encantan las banderas de Mexico ondeando en la caa de PHOENIX

  17. FrenchDonovan

    Wow ! This drummer has an awesome fucking rythm. This is probably the best “lisztomania” that I ever heard…

  18. I wanna be able to play that intro to Lassoo on the drums, such a cool idea.

  19. I wanna be able to play that intro to Lassoo on the drums, such a cool idea.

  20. the drummer is THE Thomas Hedlund

  21. fuck the drummer is amazing!

  22. themeaningoflif

    Who’s the drummer?

  23. Mexico rocks !!!

  24. JosephGrandson001

    A do brasil é melhor, e pronto.

  25. Segun estudios sobre las banderas de los paises, la BANDERA DE MEXICO es la mejor del mundo.