Plan B at V Festival 2010

Apollo Competition Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. lol lol! ur comment really made me laugh! bloody read my own comment in´╗┐ his accent after u said that lol!!! ­čśÇ

  2. I read this´╗┐ in his accent.

  3. in the description…’ben´╗┐ from plan b’???BEN IS PLAN B!!

  4. SanDiegoBeatbox

    Ya right mate. Listening´╗┐ to his album then you’ll know.

  5. RandomnessTube

    he is not even near eminem´╗┐ YET!

  6. so sexy.´╗┐ hes so talented, love him

  7. dont watch him then:L´╗┐

  8. perfectdaysofplunder

    I can’t stand ben ….that cocky´╗┐ little Chav cunt (also a shit actor)

  9. xpixilovesmakeupx

    Love Plan B, the Strickland´╗┐ Banks album is awesome

  10. plan b =´╗┐ wasteman

  11. MultiMAGICDAN

    @y05cahillj plan b is good but he aint no eminem, eminem in hes prime was on a different level, out of all the rappers at there best eminem is number 1,´╗┐ but hes gone down hill now

  12. DeeJaySiddall

    @m0rtaay´╗┐ yes but if they say BEN from PLAN B there basically saying PLAN B FROM PLAN B because BEN is PLAN B

  13. I cannot help but think he’d fit in perfectly in one of those films about Boston’s underbelly, North End etc. (like Gone Baby Gone or The Departed).´╗┐

  14. what´╗┐ do u mean ben from plan b?! ben drew is plan b!!!


    Plan B is such an inspiration…His attitude is amazing. What a guy.´╗┐

  16. he’s quite an inspiring person really, he’s got a good attitude i like that he says ‘i know i can do it’ to things and enjoys a challenge! and he’s just doing what makes him happy despite what ppl say! i like that he doesn’t have one taste in music or films or whatever he’s an all rounder,´╗┐ im the same i like everything as long as it’s good lol!:)

  17. 1986markjohnson

    Plan B, peep show, eminem,´╗┐ nirvana, Babyshambles, 2pac, Oasis = MY LIFE

  18. are you actually retarded? eminem can talk about ‘how great he thinks he is’´╗┐ because he is the GREATEST rapper dead or alive and plan b is one of the greatest singers and rappers also the guy can act/write and direct films you fucking spaz your not worthy of hearing there songs…do’one!

  19. broke in through a river behind them :)´╗┐

  20. BritinForever

    plan-b needs to tour´╗┐ cardiff !! x

  21. haah, people watch >>> 12435´╗┐


  22. You dont know fuck all about Plan B! Plan B has talent unlike Eminem, I love rock´╗┐ music but plan b’s lyrics are deep, Eminem takes it as if its a joke.

  23. plan b sucks and so does´╗┐ eminem. they’re both shitoff annoying and their lyrics are 99% of the time just about how great they think they are

  24. Stop with the comparing!!! Thumbs up if you like Both EMINEM´╗┐ and Plan B ­čÖé

  25. Plan B from Plan B?? WTF?´╗┐ Do your homework, mate!