Pulp – Common People – Glastonbury Festival Park Stage 25/06/2011

Apollo Pageant Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. WeAreSpartaFC

    Ooo-aaaar!! Farmer Bogshed’s Maximum Countryside Hip Hop app for iPhone. Cheaper than wellies. Now GET OFF MY LAND…

  2. “I want to sleep with coloured people” – My cousin’s daft ears, haha.

  3. TranceRevolved

    This is why during the whole of my teenage years (in the 90s) I was an anglophile, and a big reason was because of the british bands, particularly Pulp, Who are still one of my fave bands of all time! Jarvis still has the sexiest voice in the UK!

  4. 3 people will never live like common people

  5. where is candida doyle? what is the lineup?

  6. You are amaze that Pulp exist… <3<3<3

  7. welcome back,jarvis

  8. I’m envious that you were so close that you could film that so well…….

  9. It was the BBCs loss not to cover PULP this year. Didnt think the 1995 performance could be beaten, but this year i was wrong. Best ever Jarvis. Thanks.

  10. GUnitSeanAKAmong

    Glastonbury, T in the Park, Isle of White, Reading & Leeds

    This is truly Pulp’s summer.

  11. Still got it

  12. Terrific comment from the recorder at the end 😉

  13. If you pause it at 10:17 i am one of the people behind the stage in the background! Nick banks is my dad!!!!!

  14. I will gestate the fetus in a box…love the moment, cheers

  15. Yes Jarvis Cocker, I will have your children.

  16. Having watched Radiohead lose a third their audience because artistic integrity and the teeming rain don’t always go hand in hand, Jarvis came out and put the festive in festival. Up at the Crow’s Nest, Frank Rynne turned to his band of Moroccan Sufi musicians as Common People kicked off and 100,000 hands took to the air: “This is what it is all about!”. The Master Musicians of Joujouka then forged sonic jewelry, enthralling the small but privileged audience.

  17. Great band….real people….not fucking rock pisseurs….ehm poseurs…Peel loved them…he damn sure was right!!!!

  18. It took a fair bit of devotion to get there wading through the mud as well.

  19. I hate the Pyramid stage, wrong crowd…these small venues are much nicer as they attract the real music lovers

  20. sadly being French I couldn’t sing along…not because I am French but because Pulp wasn ‘t that famous in France…I wish i had known the lyrics…it was quite something to hear all this crowd singing along and at last some singer who can communicate with his crowd, love the guy, i am grateful I followed my instincts and went to the Park that day…followed on by James Blake who was a marvel too

  21. Easily my highlight of Glasto 11. Will remember this for a long long time. Cheers for the vid!

  22. Is it the best song ever? Quite possibly…

  23. fucking awesome, PULP were the highlight of glastonbury for me.

  24. BajuriProduction

    you just did cover what BBC did NOT. me and my cats are being grateful for it..!!!

  25. Well played Jarvis great stuff!