Pulp perform ‘Disco 2000’ at Reading Festival 2011 – BBC

Apollo Pageant Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. Jarvis still rules.

  2. I reckon this song is probably better that common people

  3. You gotta <3 the 90s #pulpdisco2000

  4. These guys may be ageing but the music isn’t.

  5. JESUS ! 48 years old… he could be my father D:

  6. EricElliottEugene

    Jarvis Cocker in top form.

  7. Applesaucesprouts

    Hahaha what? o.o

  8. JungleDoctors

    The Strokes had to follow this… They never had a chance.

  9. 7 dislikes by Michael Jackson fans.

  10. I’m 18 and I went to New-York last week. My Father brought me to their concert at the radio city music hall, I only knew 2 or 3 of their songs and was probably the youngest person in the crowd but it was a damn good surprise for me to discover such a good band!

  11. Dear Jarvis Cocker, you are awesome, shit on my face.

  12. nhargravealton

    Was in the tower for this…was bloody amazing….though I kind of wish I was in the crowd tbh!
    Great performance that night :’)

  13. Jarvis!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahhaha they are going to New York in April and I can’t go!!!!!!! NO!


  15. GrannyhoDaGoi

    of my life time. Fucking stellar, 7 odd months on and still gives me the bumps. Absolute geezer!

  16. try drinking more next time, always seems to work at festivals

  17. Oh truly beautiful performance . . . – Barbara Kerr xx

  18. i didnt enjoy Pulp… Jarvis rambled inbetween songs and their set was too long.. so disapointed with the quality too 🙁

  19. I wish I had moves like Jarvis Cocker. :/

  20. CheeseFaceX123

    i miss this :(

  21. Ivelostmyway42

    so fucking epic

  22. you’re not exactly helping the situation…

  23. I’m not sure if it was the booze that I’d consumed, but this set was more special than any other that I’ve seen at any festival. Jarvis was perferctly tuned into the crowd. What a man!

  24. Damn i can’t find any video without people talking about Justin Bieber!!