Radiohead – Creep (Live at V Festival 2006)

Apollo Festival Online video Ranking: four / five

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  1. OMG!!! everybody’s singing!

  2. im not sure if i put comment on this vid already, but i just love this song so much!!! i love it! they’re a great band. i did a rendition of this song too.. i hope you like it too. ^_^

  3. It really good

  4. 1220kingkonglin

    i really love this song!!
    thank you so much

  5. 1220kingkonglin

    i really love this song!! thank you so much

  6. its by Ramstein.
    Called dont die before I do

  7. 1220kingkonglin

    could you tell me what the opening song is? i really love this song

  8. gabicardoso1309


  9. guitarandbass1995

    SPAM THE LIKE BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this song so much. Thom Yorke has an incredible voice.

    Ha, did anyone else think that Thom looks like Simon Pegg in this video.

  10. gabicardoso1309

    caraaaacs q nostalgia omg 

  11. Stirb Nicht Vor Mir *-*

  12. You are a creep and I love creeps - so fuckin special!

  13. RockyBalboaYork

    Uhul!!! Muito foda!!! Um salve para RADIOHEAD, um fã aqui do brasil!!!!!


    Waiting for…30 June 2012…at Rome !!! <3


    FAVOLOSA !!!

  16. superwiicrazy

    this is the best version.

  17. listen to homeless mustards version a homeless man with so much talent just as good if not better as radioheads version thankyou…

  18. “special” indeed. I think over the years his wish came true….

  19. Thom Yorke, you’re a Fucking Special Legend!!!

  20. khanhberlake92

    Two years and the feeling is still the same :`)

  21. update. it was called S.F.W. and was released in 1994

  22. Thanks!

  23. du shesh mis nisht!!!

  24. du shesh mis nist!!!!

  25. best song ever 🙂