Radiohead – Creep (Live @ V Festival 19/8/2006)

Apollo Festival Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. socalAltaLoma


  2. fender telecaster plus

  3. No mamen putos.

  4. Just beautifull

  5. Made me cry. Love Radiohead.

  6. RIP to the stage worker that died today in toronto for preparation of the concert.

  7. There is none, because our modern music is slowly going down the drain. There is no revolutionary “new” sound…yet.
    I have to give you props for maturity, but I find it strange that you say this after being the one instigating the argument by being insulting people and throwing around your negativity. Make up your mind.
    And I don’t really know how to respond to the “DICK” comment, since I’m a technically female, in body.

  8. likethatchall

    Where is NEW WAVE now in this era DICK!…
    First of all ‘DICK’, I log in my account NOT,, looking for someone to argue with so ima do my part of the job and be mature about it. So “friend”, I call a truce and have a pleasant evening.. Ray.

  9. toxicchubakka1

    the muse is nothing compared to radiohead but i still like yer comment because its true

  10. The thing is, Music is Art, but music industry is business; unfortunately, Music can only be spread through music industry, which means it will come to you in packages of commercialization…

  11. Music with a bit of passion. The only recent bands that provide that at the minute are The Gaslight Anthem and Dog Is Dead

  12. Well what do you want? V Festival only purpose is to make money, and “autotuned chart shite” is whats hip nowadays

  13. Can you believe that V Festival booked Radiohead, Morrissey and Beck to play in 2006, with two of them headlining? That would put even Glastonbury to shame.

    Doubt you’d get that kind of line-up now, V is more interested in having autotuned chart shite like Rihanna, Jessie J, Professor Green and LMFAO, and the latest “lad” rock wank, with the very occasional good band like The Stone Roses, Manic Street Preachers and Happy Mondays, who should be playing elsewhere really.




  17. Our band has covered this (as have most every OTHER bar band worth their salt) way back to ’93. I SWEAR it STILL brings the f***in’ house down, never fail. Still LOVE performing it. A TRUE timeless, certifiable classic. HEY! Justin….figure someone will say the same about one of yours one day when you’re all grow-ed up? To be fair, never think I listened to Justin. Conversely, I was never hit in the head with a claw hammer, and I know I wouldn’t get off on that, either.

  18. The 8o’s lives on forever through music like this. ESPECIALLY New Wave music. It’s people like you, who go around being obnoxious and offensive on youtube comment pages, who disappear over time…
    Maybe before you try enjoying your “LIFE”, as you say, you should try to find yours.

  19. I swear…it’s like someone tugged out my heart, opened it up, and pulled it’s strings out with music. I swear, this song was tailor-made to make me feel every emotion there is to feel. ‘Cuz I’m a creep. A creepy, stalking weirdo who will never find a girl who’ll make me belong…only that unreachable angelic figure that I watch from the shadows.
    But at least guys like me get our own song.
    I just wish that girl would shut up and stop yelling over the final verse…

  20. Muse and radiohead fan foreva! Love them both!

  21. This is what I call perfection.

  22. I like the singers emotion in the beginning.

  23. EarnMoneyFast1

    Its sad they rarely play this live because a lot of fans from the 90s only wanted them to play this song live 🙁

  24. aqimwolstenholme

    I’m with you. I’m a Muse fan since 06 and a friend of mine, who was a Radiohead introduced me to RH. I fell in love with Radiohead and I wouldn’t want to compare them with Muse. Both are uniquely different. Fans these days are fucking arrogant, some of them at least.

  25. I’ve been a Muse for a couple years, and I’ve seen Muse fans saying to check out Radiohead. But you, Radiohead fans, are upseting me. Are you guys really like that?You hate Muse because they do the same type of music? Wow.
    From what I’ve heard so far, Radiohead seems to be pretty good. Someone please show me the Radiohead Community is not like that.